Monday, 1 July 2013

June Favourites

As it is the first of July today (my favourite month of the year!), I'm going to share my favourite beauty items for June. My favourites would have to be Vo5's Plump it Up dry backcombing spray, No 7's blush tint powder in Cool PinkMUA's Undressed eyeshadow palette and Garnier's Summerbody moisturising lotion Sun-kissed Look

As someone with very fine hair, I find it difficult to get volume without backcombing my hair, which isn't great for it. When I first bought Vo5's dry backcombing spray, I was skeptical about the results because volumising products seem to always just make my hair go frizzy, but this did exactly what it should do, without any frizz. The spray is quick and easy to use, which is handy if you're getting ready in a rush, and it basically backcombs your hair without damaging it; does exactly what it says on the tin.

I tried a completely different shade of blush this month  - switched from Rimmel's Smoked Oyster to No 7's Cool Pink, and I absolutely love it! I went for this colour because I was looking for something more summery, as my previous shade was quite dark; ideal for winter but not for this season. No 7 blush is definitely my favourite I've tried, as the colour is really vibrant so you don't have to use too much at a time. I find this shade really brightens up my face and completes a face of make up.

I bought so much new make up in the Superdrug sales, and this was another great buy for me. MUA's Undressed eyeshadow palette has a really nice selection of eyeshadow shades that are great for both everyday and evening make up. I adore the gold tone shades for evenings, I think they're really elegant and are perfect for going out. They last the whole night as well so you don't have to worry about touching it up half way through the evening.

Finally, my last favourite of June has been Garnier's Summerbody moisturising lotion. I'm really impatient when it comes to fake tan, I hate waiting for it to dry and when it if it comes off on my sheets and pyjamas when I sleep with it on, but on the other hand I hate being pale, so I can't really win either way. However, I bought this moisturizer after hearing some good things about it, and it really has not disappointed me at all. The moisturiser is great, it makes my skin feel amazing and it really does last for the whole day. As you wear it, throughout the day a tan develops gradually giving you a lovely glow by the evening. You can also build on it day after day, it doesn't all wash off in the shower unless you exfoliate thoroughly, so that's handy if you want a healthy, natural looking tan for the weekend. It's really easy to apply, it applies like moisturiser rather than fake tan, so there's no need for a mitt. I will warn though, it directs you on the bottle to wash your hands straight after applying it, but I didn't first time I used it because I didn't want my hands to be paler than my body, but my hands ended up orange between my fingers and it would NOT come off no matter how many times I washed and scrubbed my hands! Despite this, it is a great product, it smells lush, looks great and feels amazing so I can't fault it.

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