Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Micro-loop Hair Extensions

My hair is naturally really fine and it takes it's time to grow ever since I bleached it, so for my holiday I wanted length in my hair without having to worry about clip in extensions every night. I decided to go ahead and get micro-loop hair extensions put in because they don't damage your hair like bond extensions as heat isn't used at all in the application of them. I bought mine at 16 inches, and ordered them in colour #613 Lightest Bleach Blonde. Even though the colour chart they have on the website ( does not match the actual colours you can choose from, I found the colour I ordered matched my hair perfectly.

Hair before and after
I am really pleased with the hair after having it put in. It is thick and in excellent condition, and despite my real hair being very thin, it doesn't look unnatural at all. It styles like normal hair which is great, but of course you need to look after it as if it was your own hair. The first few days after I got them put in, my head was a bit uncomfortable when I was sleeping because I wasn't used to the rings, but as the days go on I'm finding it easier. All in all, I love the way my hair looks now with these extensions in and I am glad that the extensions are not damaging my hair, but just making it look so much more voluminous, lengthy and in general better condition.

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