Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Favourites

At the end of last month I bought Maybelline New York Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara and thought I would try it in comparison to my usual mascaras. When buying mascaras I typically look for something that'll make my eyelashes look as dark and thick as possible, but Maybelline's Mega Plush Volume Express did not exactly have this effect on my eyelashes. Instead, this mascara gives length to my eyelashes, creating a girly, fluttery appearance. When I first tried this mascara I didn't actually like it because I felt it didn't make my eyelashes look thick at all, but it has grown on me! I now use it all the time for everyday make up as it is perfect for a natural, feminine look. Although I would suggest something bolder for an evening, this mascara is my new favourite for day make up.

My next favourite for this month was Inecto Coconut Dry Shampoo,
which was from July's Glossybox. Although this dry shampoo is coconut scented, the smell is not overpowering and lingering like some other dry shampoos, so the fragrance is very pleasant and mild. Also, my pet hate about Batiste dry shampoo is that it leaves your fingers powdery when you massage it into your roots, but this dry shampoo does not do this in the slightest which is lovely. This dry shampoo in general seems more lightweight and less lingering than my usual dry shampoo, making my hair feel and smell great throughout the day.

Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Primer has also been an essential for me this month. The primer creates a lovely, thick base for make up which I find makes it both easier to apply, and protects my skin from lots of make up. The Rimmel primer is my favourite though because it is so thick, it makes my skin instantly smooth and reduces any redness and the appearance of blemishes. Although if I'm having a bad skin day, I would still use foundation and/or concealer, but I know that my pores are protected from the make up as well which is a comfort. My only complaint about this product is I get through it so quickly! Wish it came in a bigger (or never-ending) bottle; that would make this product perfection.

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