Saturday, 23 November 2013

Topshop Collaborate With Meadham Kirchhoff

Topshop have recently introduced a new collection by designer Meadham Kirchhoff, which I've just had a chance to take a look at. On their website, Topshop themselves describe the new collection as their "most off-the-wall designer collaboration yet", which I can't bring myself to disagree with; I'd probably go as far to say this collection is leaning towards being distasteful. I know that there are clothes that I personally could never pull off, but I find it hard to imagine how anyone could look good in some of the items in this collection.

The most bearable items in this collection for me are the jumpers and cardigans: I can understand how these could appeal to people with a more daring dress sense than me, with the neon colours and quirky designs which instantly grab the attention of others. There isn't a lot of variation in the shape of the knitwear the collection offers: the jumpers all have similar necklines and the same sleeve length and shape, but the patterns and designs actually on the jumpers do make them each unique. The cardigans in this collection also follow this correlation, the cut of them is almost identical, but they are able to stand alone due to their designs. Things like this do puzzle me, I feel the collection's attempt to be individual and "out there" has been completely lost in the ridiculousness of the designs on the clothes, as the designers appear to focus all their attention on these designs rather than the shape aspect of the clothing as well.

Unfortunately, apart from the knitwear in the collection, I don't have much else positive to say. Meadham Kirchhoff's lingerie items from this collection really, really make me cringe. There are only two things that could really be counted as lingerie (whether that is a blessing or not I don't know), which makes them seem slightly unnecessary as there is nothing which goes with them in any way at all. The two items are a garter and garter clip, which honestly to me couldn't be the worst possible choice of garments. A bra and knicker set -expected - but a garter and garter clip set just seem tasteless and tacky. The baby pink and purple frills and little bows and ribbons just seem the icing on the tack cake.

The shapelessness of the majority of the M.K dresses is hard to ignore, they literally hang off the models on the Topshop website in the most unflattering way possible. The shape of them does confuse me, it says to me 'ghost child's night dress', which really and truly does not suit anyone in the whole world. The patterns and colours used are also ghastly, and more of the purple frills and bows was defiantly avoidable. One of the dresses (second image from the top) actually has discoloured spots all over it? To me that just looks filthy.

I've had a lot of bad things to say about this Meadham Kirchhoff collection, which is disappointing as Topshop have had some really successful collaborations this year. Aside from my opinion, I'll be interested to see how Meadham Kirchhoff is taken on by high street shoppers this season.


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