Saturday, 14 December 2013

Five Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Under £5

I love Christmas; putting the tree up, getting the whole family together and eating Christmas dinner are just a few of my favourite parts of it. Of course there's also presents, to me giving them is just as exciting as receiving them, and I always enjoy shopping around trying to find something nice for my loved ones. However, we all know that Christmas can be a pricey time of year, so here are some gift ideas which will leave you a bit of spending money left over for the New Year.

1. Festive hot water bottle, £5 from Primark
Hot water bottles are a must for this time of year, they can keep you cosy even on the coldest nights. They can also come in handy throughout the year if you're feeling poorly or just a bit on the chilly side. Primark's hot water bottles all come in covers, from festive snowflake print to fluffy polka dot covers, there are a number to chose from and they are all adorable; plus at a purse friendly price.

2. Sweet hamper
If you know someone with a bit of a sweet tooth, why not make them a sweet hamper? Buy a box for approx. a pound from Card Factory, then with the money you have left over get a variety of different sweets from your local 99p store to fill the box with. I am making one of these for my brother and although £4 doesn't sound like enough to fill the box, you can get large packs of sweets for a cheap price at stores like Poundland, so your money does go a long way.

3. MUA Trio Merged Baked eye shadow, £3 from Superdrug
MUA is probably one of the best make-up brands I know of in terms of value for money. Although some of their products (like their eyeliners) are not as long-wearing as you'd like them to be, for the bargain price you're getting them at you can't complain! My favourite type of product from MUA is hands-down their eye shadow. It's a cheap as chips and they have some stunning shades which are both long-wearing a statement making. The eye shadow trios from MUA offer beautiful shades with two tones which gives a glittery shimmer to the base colours. 

MUA Trio Shadow Merged Baked in Theatrics

4. A new phone case
There's no better time to give someone a new phone case than coming up to the New Year. Their current one is probably battered, and it's nice to get a shiny new phone case, it sort of makes you feel like you've got a brand new phone! There is a huge selection of phone cases on websites such as eBay and Amazon, the cheapest I saw online was only 99p (with free postage) so you don't have to fork over a lot of money for this little present.

5. Eyelure Eyelashes, £5 from Miss Selfridge
False eyelashes are a must during party season, and even if the person you think would appreciate this gift has a pair, it is always handy to have a spare! Also, a useful beauty tip is to layer your eyelashes up. Sticking one pair on top of another thickens the lash line making a stronger base for the glue, so you'll have lush, long lasting lashes.

I hope these ideas will inspire you in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones:
Happy shopping! 


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