Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Skin Saviour: Simple's Kind to Skin Range

For a period of time in my early teens, my skin was not at it's best and I suffered from acne which really was not pleasant for me. I tried so many different skincare products including those especially designed for teenage skin, but no range seemed to lift the problem for me. After a while I started using Simple's Kind to Skin range, not with high hopes as I'd been disappointed by more expensive brands, but I haven't used another skin product since. 

In my morning routine I use their cleanser, toner and moisturizer to start the day. They are simple to use, just like any other cleanser and toner you use a cotton pad to work it around your face and the moisturizer you apply by hand; nothing complicated about this at all, which makes it easy to fit into my morning even if I'm in a rush. The cleanser and toner are lovely, they leave my skin feeling clean, radiant and ready for the day. After I started using these products, my blemishes and spots began to clear up and is now completely free of spots, bar one or two that I get every now and again, but I no longer get acne and I now feel comfortable in my own skin; which has made me a lot happier over the years. Simple also have a cleansing toner which saves you money as it's two for the price of one, but I like to have both separately as then I can control how much of each product I'm using if some days I want to use a little bit more cleanser than usual. Their moisturizer is also great (although recently they stopped putting SPF in it), it has a lightweight application and it leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft. I literally can't put make up on without using this moisturizer first it feels wrong (haha), it's like primer for my primer, I couldn't live without it!

 In the evening, I just use Simple's cleansing wipes to remove all my make-up and leave my face feeling fresh. For a long time I used their standard cleansing wipes, but recently I actually bought their exfoliating cleansing wipes for a change. I do think the exfoliating properties of these different wipes are useful, and they also have a softer side to use around the eye area which is thoughtful! The 'soft' side of the wipes are actually pretty hard to tell apart from the exfoliating side, and whilst this probably wouldn't be an issue for most people, I have really sensitive eyes so it can annoy me a bit when I just want to take my make up off and it's irritating my eyes! Simple also do cleansing wipes for oily skin and radiance wipes, so I will be looking to try them in the future as well. 

Simple do have a lot of other products within this range including a facial scrub, but these are the ones that I live by, and will continue to live by as they have improved my skin massively. Everyone's skin is different, so like other products didn't work for me, this may not be the one for you, but if you've tried what feels like every other option or you're looking for something new to try, maybe give Simple a go. 


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