Monday, 16 December 2013

Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Treatment

If you dye your hair regularly or use heat products on my hair most days, it is important to use a treatment in your hair to help maintain your hair's health. I've bleached my hair a number of times in the past and I do straighten my hair most days, so having a treatment that works well is important to me on those days that my hair needs a bit of TLC.

I have tried so many treatments over the years, but the only one that works wonders on my hair is Ojon Damage Reverse. You can pick up a 50ml pot of it for only £18 from Boots, and if you go on the Boots website there are so many good reviews for it, all of which I completely stand behind. 

Most treatments promise results after the first use, and I have been disappointed by this promise over and over again, but Ojon is the only treatment I have ever used which has made my hair look and feel smoother after just one use. Bare in mind as well, I only had it on for 30 minutes rather than overnight, so I was really impressed that when I rinsed it and styled my hair later that day, my hair actually felt revived after the first use. It was noticeably softer and shiner instantly, so this is a product that I will be using definitely again to continue to maintain and improve my hair's appearance.

Be warned though; rinsing this out of your hair is not easy. I would not use this treatment when you are in a hurry because it will take you a long shower to wash it out of your hair, sometimes you might even need to go back and give it another go, so just be mindful of that when you're deciding when you want to treat your hair. Don't let that put you off though, it is worth the time!!

I would recommend using this product once every two weeks overnight to keep your hair looking lavish, especially during the winter months when your hair can suffer in the cold weather and it deserves a bit of a pamper.

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  3. I just bleached chunks of my hair, and I think this is the product I have been searching for!


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