Saturday, 21 December 2013

OOTN: Gold Glitter & Wet Look Leggings

How exciting is it that it's the weekend before Christmas? I actually can't believe how quickly 2013 has gone... Anyway, I am I wearing this outfit tonight to meet my friends for a Christmas drink and catch up! Apologies for the bad picture quality, these are taken on my phone rather than my camera.

The glittery cami is from Miss Selfridge and I bought it as a set with a matching pencil skirt. On together they look absolutely fabulous, but they look just as pretty apart if you're going out for a less formal event. I love the gold glitter on this top, it is perfect for festive party wear and creates a sense of glamour and class. The glitter off the top does go everywhere, but I suppose you could say its a DIY alternative to buying body shimmer.

For tonight, I'm simply pairing this lovely top with some black wet look leggings and black wedges to keep this look smart. If I was going to a club tonight, maybe I would wear it with a black skater skirt for a fun, girly yet glamorous look which is easier to dance in than a pencil skirt.

Hope you all have a fab Saturday night!


  1. Love the top especially since it's pretty versatile. Visiting from the blog hop, thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. love your blog. found you from the blog hop :)

    - thinksandra

  3. Cute, I love the leggings. I have a similar pair from express. They are great when you want a dressier look other than plain leggings, but don't want to sacrifice comfort.


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