Friday, 24 January 2014

ELF Make-up Haul

I've read a lot about ELF make-up on other blogs, so I decided to order myself some lovely make-up from them to try myself. Before I even talk about the make-up itself, let me just say I bought an eyebrow kit, wet gloss lash and brow mascara, baked bronzer, a radiance enhancer, mineral infused mascara and an 100 piece eye shadow palette for under £20, making me a very happy girl! 

I'll get the negatives from my haul out of the way first, there were a few items that I was a little bit disappointed with. For contouring I usually use my concealer and blend for highlighting, so I was looking forward to using trying ELF's radiance enhancer for highlighting. Unfortunately this product hasn't worked wonders for me, I really don't think it works well at all as wherever I apply it, my skin remains unchanged. The packaging as well is a bit frustrating as it is one of those fiber brushes, and I find these difficult when controlling how much of the product you are using, so not the most ideal packaging; I'll be sticking with a liquid highlighter! 

In my shop I also bought a wet gloss brow and lash clear mascara, which has a brushes for your eyelashes and brows at each end. I've never been a fan of clear mascara, I've always preferred dark lashes but the word gloss appealed to me! For your eyelashes, the mascara does make a nice glossy finish on your lashes which you can wear over or instead of mascara, so I always finish up my eyes with a coat of this. The brush is a standard shaped brush for easy application. The eyebrow brush is the same, again for a quick and easy application to your brows. Without anything else on my eyebrows, this works really well for shaping them and making them appear subtly glossy and natural. However, if I have eyebrow pencil or wax in my eyebrows (which is most of the time) the gloss can sometimes smudge the shape of my eyebrows rather than hold it; so for natural eyebrows this is great but not so much otherwise. 

The other item I bought for my brows was ELF's eyebrow kit, a handy little kit with both wax and powder with a double ended brush. The wax side of the kit great for filling your eyebrows in a way that looks natural and subtle, whilst the powder gives them a bit of height. The powder for my skin tone is a bit of off colour, so I do tend not to use it and use eye shadow instead as it is a bit too grey for me. The wax however fits my eyebrows colour well and I use it to thicken my eyebrows, then a pencil to define the shape. I also treated myself to a new baked  bronzer. The baked bronzer feels amazing on your skin and the pigments blend beautifully, leaving a natural appearance. Although I think I should have got a darker shade for my skin tone, I will definitely still be using it for a healthy natural glow and re-buying in a darker tone next time!

I was soo pleased when I first saw the 100 piece eye shadow palette from ELF, there are so many gorgeous colours on it which I couldn't wait to try. The majority of the colours from the palette come out as bright on your eyes as they initially appear so there has been no disappointment for me there. I'm so excited to try all of the different colours, I can't believe there is so many for so little cost. 

The last and my favourite item in this haul is ELF's mineral infused mascara. I love long, sleek lashes and this mascara lengthens mine impressively with literally no clumps left behind. This mascara doesn't thicken my lashes dramatically, but the length and darkness of them are made beautiful with his mascara. On their website there are so many mascaras to chose from, so I had a bit of trouble deciding which one to buy, but this was the right choice as this is definitely one of the best mascaras I have ever used.

Lots of love,

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