Monday, 6 January 2014

LyDia Make-Up Brushes

Sorry for taking so long to write the first blog post of this year, all my assessment deadlines for uni are at the end of this month, so I've been busy organizing myself for them! Anyway, here is a quick review of my newest beauty purchase... 

After reading some reviews online, I decided to get myself some LyDia make-up brushes to try out for the New Year. I ordered the brushes off Amazon and got a 12 piece set, an angled face brush and a kabuki brush, all for a grand total of £17.66! That price left me completely gobsmacked, I've bought single brushes for that sort of price, so I was over the moon to get 14 brushes that cheap. I'm not going to lie, even though I had read some decent reviews of these brushes, I wasn't expecting amazing quality from the LyDia brushes because they were so unbelievably cheap, but so far I haven't been majorly disappointed with them. 

My favourite thing about them is they are unbelievably soft, so they feel gorgeous on your skin when applying make up. The soft bristles do not feel the slightest bit rough on your skin, perfect for those with sensitive skin, but also for a light/natural coverage. The only problem with this is that some of the brushes are a bit too flimsy, but I'm sure after their first wash they will get slightly firmer. I do find that brand new brushes are always a bit sturdier and better to use after their first wash, so I'm keeping this in mind!

Out of all of the LyDia brushes I now have, my favourites are definitely the LyDia kabuki, angled powder brush and their fan brush. When contouring, I apply bronzer to my cheeks and forehead with the angled powder brush, the shape is perfect for this as I can also control how much of the brush I want to use at any time (for example, if I can easily manipulate the brush to put less bronzer on my forehead if I want). This brush and the kabuki work hand in hand as the kabuki is my essential for blending my bronzer. I've only ever had one kabuki before (ages ago), so I am very happy to have one of these back in my brush collection. If I'm going out I do apply bronzer heavily, and the kabuki is perfect to make sure it is all blended beautifully. The kabuki was not included in the set so I would consider buying it too if you are thinking of purchasing the 12 piece set. In the set there is a fan brush, which I use for bronzer if I'm having a more casual make-up day. If you're lucky and you have naturally defined cheekbones, you may prefer the fan brush as you can apply your bronzer more lightly with that. The fan brush allows you to literally just fan on bronzer for a more subtle look, and also it is perfect for dusting a teeny bit of bronzer on the side of your nose. 
In the set there are two eye-shadow brushes which I always like to see, because I use one for dark eye shadow and one for light. If you don't like to use two for eye shadow, you can always put the other to use by using it as a bronzer or highlighter brush for places like your nose and forehead. There is also a pad eye-shadow brush which is good for a bit more solid application around the eyes.

Their set has a good variety of brushes in it which are all pretty useful, and at a price to die for. Considering the price I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the brushes as well; hoping they don't fall apart on me after a few washes. But so far so good, a lovely variety of gorgeous soft brushes for an even lovelier price!

Lots of love,

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