Friday, 28 February 2014

Bare Escentual's Radiant Rebecca

Bare Escentuals make-up is a large majority of my collection, and one product that I especially like is their Radiant Rebecca shimmer. This year so far as been all about bright, beaming faces and I love this gorgeous little pot of shimmer for a radiance boost!

Although I only really use this on nights out, I would usually apply this glimmer as one of the last steps in my make-up regime; after contouring and highlighting, but before finishing powder. On top of my usual bronzer this Radiant Rebecca shimmer is perfect for giving my complexion an additional glow as well as further enhancing my contours. 

I am usually more inclined to steer clear of teeny tiny beauty products for the face because I find I get through them so quickly, but this has lasted me a surprising long time. Aside from the fact I don't use it every day, it's also keeping for longer than expected because I literally only have to use a small amount for every application. I don't even use a bronzer brush for this because it leaves too much on my face, I just use a large concealer brush which applies this perfectly. On application, it is a bit darker than you would expect but after blending into my cheeks the tone of the shimmer turns just right and the shimmer is not lost. 

This is a lovely little product, a very useful investment for my make-up collection!
Lots of love,


  1. This is so gorgeous! I've been loving super highlighting products lately since my skin has been looking extra dull, because of the weather. This looks amazing!

    1. I know, in the winter I stock up on these types of products so much!

      Catherine xx


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