Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Currently Loving: Ruffles

Ruffles: John Rocha and ASOS
Big, bold ruffles in John Rocha's London Fashion Week show captured my attention and stole my heart. In the past week there have been some gorgeous garments in some amazing shows, but one of my LFW favourites so far has been John Rocha, and the among the gorgeous lace and chiffon details of his collection, for me the over-the-top ruffles have impressed and inspired me the most.

In my search to get my hands on some gorgeous ruffled clothes, I have been browsing the web for my own catwalk inspired items. ASOS have blown me away with their selection of gorgeous ruffled clothes, my three favourites are pictured above! 

I love that these three items show the versatility of ruffles; they can be dramatic and in your face or classy and elegant depending on how they are used. Single layered ruffles are a lot more calm, whereas layering ruffles can create a more exciting, individual look. 

Ruffles are definitely my favourite LFW trend so far, what are you currently loving?



  1. Such pretty clothes! Loved this post x

  2. Oh Im so in love with the red dress =)

    1. I know, same! It comes in black and white as well, it looks so nice in all of them! :) Xx


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