Friday, 21 February 2014

Garnier's Fresh Refining "Shine Be Gone" Toner

I have lived by Simple's cleansers and toners for years now, but since blogging I plucked up the courage to try new brands for my skincare. This transition has been going well, I've found some great products that have earned a place in my skincare routine, but there is one product that I have tried so hard to like but I just can't! 

I've heard so many good things about Garnier's cleanser and cleansing water, so as my previous toner was coming to an end so I thought to myself I'd give their toner a try. Regrettably, I really don't like this toner at all! I've kept telling myself to be strong and it'll grow on me, but it hasn't and I can't look past the bad qualities it has... It's like trying to force yourself to fancy someone, no matter how hard you try it's not going to happen! 

This toner is specifically made for oily skin, which I have, but if you have sensitive skin (which I also have) I would recommend you stay clear. As toners come, this ticks all the standard boxes: it clears and minimises my pores and leaves my skin refreshed. However, there is a massive issue that I can't bare! This toner stings my skin so badly. I know that a lot of skincare products do have a type of acid in their ingredients and it is beneficial for your skin, but the sting in this toner is too much for me to handle. 

The first time I used this product I instantly noticed a very strong scent coming from the toner, and it really wasn't pleasant. I could only describe the smell as very shap and acohol-y, a complete contrast to most fruity or fresh smelling skincare products I own. It is really overpowering and it's not something I would expect in a toner. 

This isn't the most ideal smell, but it's not the end of the world, but then I found that it stung my skin. When I got to my toner in my morning routine, I have found that when I use this toner it hurts! My skin feels stingy and irritated and although it does feel refreshed after that wares off, using the toner is horrible! I have tried to withstand the sensation it gives me but it is hard to ignore.

Has anyone else ever used a product which has reacted in this way? 
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  1. I've been using this toner recently and I have noticed the same thing! I really dislike the smell and it tsnga my skins too. It also leaves my skin feeling dry and tight (normally I have very oily skin) I have decided to stop using it but idk what to do with it as I have a whole bottle left?! I think I will have to stick to it like once a week as it's really strong! Xx


    1. I was literally the same, I had to throw it away even though I had so much left! It's so upsetting when a product is disappointing but I can't use something on my skin that hurts so much.. it can't be good! Xx

  2. Finally a review that is spot on with my experiences with it! It smells like pure alcohol which would be the last thing I would want to smell if I were toning after a night out. And I cannot stand how it stings my face. It's definitely made me want to revert back to Simple, which was so nice and refreshing.
    I may even try Witch Hazel next

  3. It doesnt sting me that much infact i rather enjoy it! Here's my blog=

  4. It doesnt sting me that much infact i rather enjoy it! Here's my blog=


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