Tuesday, 25 February 2014

JustFab Denim

Who else gets through jeans like nobody's business? I don't know how I manage it but I think I only have two pairs of jeans that have lasted me more than a year. I am forever splitting and spoiling jeans, no matter how hard I try to look after them. Last week I split yet another pair, so I decided to use my saved JustFab credits on some new jeans!

JustFab have a surprisingly large collection of jeans on their online boutique, with a more than decent selection of colours and styles, from deep indigo straight legged jeans to pretty pastel purple skinnies. Despite being spoilt for choice, I was in desperate need for some basics so I ordered myself a pair of black and medium blue skinny jeans. Before ordering, I always read reviews by other shoppers to check whether items are true to size, and on the basis of the reviews I read I bought my jeans in half a size up.

My JustFab order soon arrived, and I am really pleased with my new purchases! Both the black and blue jeans are comfy, and my worries about them being too short or tight instantly vanished. Actually if anything they are a bit looser than I would usually like, but perhaps a bit of extra space is what I need to stop splitting my jeans!

My favorite aspect of my new assets is that they are super comfortable, literally I do not want to take them off. The material used is gorgeously soft and of a good quality, making them look fabulous on. The only thing I would change about my new jeans would be the size, but that's my fault for choosing the next size up, I should of trusted the website!

All in all, I am really pleased with the quality of these jeans, I will definitely be buying denim from JustFab again.

Lots of love,

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