Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Everyday Make-Up Choices

I've seen a few of these posts floating around the blogging world recently, so I wanted to make one of my own about what goes on my face every day. These particular products are my typical choices for just standard day make-up, no bells and whistles, just the basics!

1. Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eye Primer
I never used to see the use an eyelid primer, but since using this one I can't go a day without it; my eye shadow sits perfectly on it, the colour appears more pigmented with it and it makes my eyeliner and mascara barely smudge. I think eyelid primer is one of those products that you see as pointless until you actually use it, and after that you're hooked. 
Bare Escentuals' has a pretty shimmer to it as well, giving your eye shadow a bit of extra sparkle.

2. Bare Escentuals Prime Time Facial Primer
This isn't actually my favourite primer in the world in terms of a nice thick base for your make-up, but it does boost my skin's radiance brilliantly. One pump covers my whole face, and although it is a light, thin layer I can't deny it leaves my skin bright and beautiful.

3. Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB Cream for Oily Skin
I have re-bought this BB cream so many times now; I really adore it. I use the one designed for oily skin and it gives me a lovely lightweight first layer for my make-up by keeping my skin shine free and evening the texture and tone of my skin. 

4. E.L.F 100 Piece Eye Shadow Palette

I adore this E.L.F palette, it has so many gorgeous colours on it to chose from so it can take you easily from day to night make-up. For my everyday make up I tend to chose more neutral shades (brows, greys, whites ect) for a more toned down look. 

5. Bare 
Escentuals Bare Minerals Eyeliner in Charcoal
This is a really decent, classic eyeliner with a turn to top-up design. My favourite thing about this eyeliner is that it initially comes out a dark grey rather than black, so you can adjust the colour depending on the amount of pressure you apply when putting it on. This makes it my favourite day eyeliner as it is versatile for whatever sort of look you're going for, whether you want completely casual make-up or a more dramatic day appearance.

6. E.L.F Mineral Infused Mascara

I ranted about just how much I love this mascara on a previous post, so it is no surprise that this is my number one mascara for my daily make-up. It gives me long, dark and luscious lashes making my eyes pop open beautifully! Cannot fault this mascara at all.

7. Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse

I also did a full review for this foundation recently, and despite the fact I only just started using this foundation I really love it. It is definitely here to stay in my every day make-up choices as it gives the exact texture I want for my skin; even, matte and perfectly smooth.

8. Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Concealer

Admittedly, I rarely use this for concealer but rather for highlighting. It gives a light but more matte finish to the areas that I apply it to which is preferred for me on bad skin days! I probably will venture onto a new highlighter soon, Rimmel's Concealer has done well but I think it's time to move on. However, I might still keep it as a concealer.

9. E.L.F Baked Bronzer
Since my last review of this bronzer, this has actually grown on me massively. The pigmentation is stunning and it blends beautifully for a gorgeous natural colour which last all day. 

10. No 7 Blush

I have had this blush for quite a while now, and it literally is not showing any signs of running out! It looks lovely on my skin and the colour makes my face appear bright and feminine - definitely going to be using this more during the Spring as it is a gorgeous Spring/Summer shade.

11. E.L.F Eye Shadow Kit
This eyebrow kit is perfect for natural but nicely shaped eyebrows. I don't tend to use the powder in it, I use my own eye shadow to highlight my brow bone, but the wax is great for shaping and/or filling in my eyebrows. I do usually use a pencil as well to shape the ends more accurately.

12. Bare Escentuals I.D Mineral Veil
Bare Escentual's Mineral Veil is my favourite finishing powder, as it has a matte but not cakey finish which sets my make-up for the whole day. 

13. Topshop Lipstick (in Inhibition)

Finally, I complete my make-up for the day with lipstick; the lipstick pictured is Inhibition by Topshop. Even though this is just a casual everyday make-up look, I do tend to wear lipstick every day, the shade just depends on my outfit and this was today's  choice. My face doesn't really feel day ready without a bit of lippy!

What are your everyday make-up choices?


  1. i'm keen to try that BB cream! I have oily skin too so I usually stay away but it looks lovely :)

    Aimee - AroundTwenty x

    1. Yeah, it is good for oily skin! If I am having an especially bad skin day I just try to not use as much as normal for a good finish.

      Catherine xx

  2. Nice selection! I like the ELF bronzer ;)!

  3. really want to try that bb cream

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, I don't leave the house without it on! :)

      Catherine xx


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