Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nails: Alien Claws

My first trip to the nail salon of 2014 happened recently, leaving me with probably some of my favourite nails yet! I have been getting my nails styled pointed for the past few months, and this visit left them sharper than ever which, apart from accidentally stabbing myself, I am head over heels for. I've really become fond of pointed nails recently, they are a sleek, chic and I think they suit dark winter nail colours more than summer colours. Admittedly I'm going to be a bit sad when I start wearing Spring shades instead, I'm loving my winter colours!

The colour that was chosen was a dark black/blue shade by China Glaze, which appears black in a dark light, but has a alien like blue tint in any other light, which I adore. I find nail polishes that have a secret colour revealed in light so pretty and it keeps me from getting bored of my nail colour too. The length, point and blue/green gleam in these nails make me think of alien claws from a film but I admittedly love them.

What colour is on your nails at the moment?


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