Saturday, 15 February 2014

Umberto Giannini Haircare

Umberto Giannini's products are so underrated in the hair care world, their products are so reasonable in price plus they work absolute wonders on your hair! UG products play an important part in my hair care routine both day and night as I use their Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm and Leave in Conditioner as part of my hair care routine. They are my must-have products to keep my hair hydrated, soft and frizz free.

Every morning after washing it, I treat my hair to Umberto Giannini's Leave in Conditioner. I spray though my damp locks and then comb through to ensure it covers all my hair evenly. After the first few times of using this product, I noticed my hair felt less dry and looked gorgeously smoother - yay! Since bleaching my hair, it has always gotten knotty easy which is a nightmare for me if I forget my brush when I go out, but after starting to use Umberto Giannini's Leave in Conditioner, my hair has been so much easier to manage, and I no longer resemble a werewolf on windy days! 

At nights I use Umberto Giannini's Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm to rejuvenate my hair as I sleep. I use heat on my hair most days so it is really important for me to keep my hair moisturized and healthy. I use this every night, I do NOT go to sleep without it, because my hair feels at it's best after using this product! Where as I used to have to get my ends trimmed every few months due to split ends (not ideal when I'm trying to grow it), I have barely seen any split ends on my hair and I haven't had my hair cut since October! Despite not cutting it in so long my hair feels lush and healthy since using these two great products for Umberto Gianni.

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