Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Blogger's Love Fashion Week | Day #1

Yesterday was the first day of Blogger's Love Fashion Week, and the week was kicked off with a Summer Garden Chic themed night! Last night was my first time meeting the gorgeous Becky and Emma (Becky's blog can be found here and Emma's here), they are honestly the nicest girls and we had a fab time together at this event. It was held at the gorgeous Penthouse Nightclub which we found after a little totter around Leicester Square and with a bit of help from Google Maps! 

The first segment of the night was filled with shopping opportunities with unique boutique brands; there were rails filled with one of a kind clothes, customized beanies and gorgeous jewelry. The variety of distinctive jewelry on display has particularly stuck in my mind as I saw some gorgeous vintage style gems which I absolutely adored!

The second half of the night was a fashion show, featuring brands both up and coming and already widely established. During the show we were treated to cupcakes which were so cutely decorated, Becky had one with a little high heel on it and mine had a little bag on it- aw! My favourite brands of the show were Scarlett Fashion, which a beautiful collection of evening wear, and the fabulous Reiss which included some gorgeous suits, my favourites being in cream and mint.

My outfit for the night was of course very Summery to fit right in with the theme! I wore my Topshop 60's shift dress, with a separate layered top and bottom half. I love the layered aspect of this dress as it is such a unique shape and gives the dress more of a two-piece appearance. The lilac colour and lace combination is what makes this dress for me, it is so girly and delicate it gets me right in the mood for Summer.

With my dress I wore a pink stoned statement necklace from Primark, it is a great accessory for piling up the pastels subtly and it is perfect addition to the outfit to make it really scream Summer.

Are you attending Blogger's Love Fashion Week at all this week?

Lots of love,


  1. You look so elegant in this outfit, I love it :) following you now


  2. you look lovely, I love the colour x

  3. You look great, lovely pictures!



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