Sunday, 2 March 2014

Girlie Combo's Microfibre Make Up Remover

For a while I've had Girlie Combo's Get Ready, Get Set, Go! kit, but it wasn't until I found myself in that dreaded situation where you find you have no make-up wipes left that I tried their Microfibre make-up remover cloth. I really put off trying this part of the kit, I was skeptical about how well it would work and I didn't want to get the beautiful pristine white cloth messy with make-up, but I finally caved in that moment of desperation! 

There are a bunch of beauty goodies in this box; a hair turban, wonder band, body buff and make up removing cloth. Microfibre make-up removing cloths have the potential to be really beneficial to beauty lovers as it means no more hundreds of make-up wipes used, but only if they are as good or better alternatives.

After using this product I had mixed opinions. I didn't hate it but it didn't knock my socks off. The cloth was decent at removing facial make-up, though it had a bit of hard time with my eye make-up. I'm one of those people who love products that work quickly and easily but with the Microfibre cloth I just felt like I was wasting my time as I had to use the wipe over and over until my make-up was fully off... very different to a once over with a make-up wipe.

Theoretically this should be an amazing product but it's effects just didn't wow me. It would be perfect if it could remove eye make-up without a struggle, but until then I think I'll stick with my usual wipes! 

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