Sunday, 16 March 2014

Have You Discovered? | Skincare

Last week I introduced the Have You Discovered? series, and the first week is all about our favourite skincare products which are not as well known as they deserve to be in the beauty world.

In my evening skincare routine the last (but by no means least important) product I use is Anatomicals 'Spray Mist For Me' Facial Spritz. This is recommended to be used in the morning to set your make-up, but I use a setting powder instead and instead I like to use this in the evenings to refresh my skin before I go to bed. My skin is prone to break outs, especially at a certain time of the month, and the worst thing about having a spot is wondering how long it's going to last for. 

Using this handy spritz makes my skin feel fresh before I sleep as well as when I wake up, it also makes my blemishes disappear noticeably quicker than usual. It is full of skin loving ingredients such as witch hazel, aloe vera and rose. Rose is also good for your hair so I spray a little bit through my hair too before I sleep, and the peppermint scent of this spray is gorgeous, my boyfriend always says my hair smells lovely in bed after I apply this. 

Anatomicals are such an underrated brand, I absolutely love their products and as far as my skincare routine is concerned, it would be incomplete without this gorgeous facial spritz.

Lots of love,


  1. This sounds lovely, how much was it and where can you get it from? I'm intrigued to try it out! xx

    1. It is! You can get it from ASOS here:

      It's only £6 so definitely try it :) xxx

  2. I love a good skin spritz!! Have you tried The Body Shop Vitamin E one by any chance? I swear by it in the mornings to hydrate my skin :)


    1. No I haven't, I will check it out though, I love them too!



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