Saturday, 29 March 2014

My BFL Favourites #6

 I've been not very well this week which has been horrible as I'm going away next week and on top of this my lips have been unbelievably chapped :( I've been smothering them with the usual remedies, but my whole lip balm collection didn't seem to be helping! I then remembered that I had Dr Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips from a Glossybox a while back so decided to give that a try. 

Although when I first applied this it makes my lips feel sticky for longer than I'd usually like, but the change in the condition of my lips was totally worth it. Within the next few hours my lips felt less cracked and dry and now (two days on) they are completely back to normal, if not more moisturized than ever. I feel so grateful to this product for saving my lips when no other product could haha! So, so glad I had it lying around and I would definitely recommend it with anyone having lip issues!

I've been loving minimalist styles and clothes recently, so I've been swapping my statement jewelry for something a little more subtle. One of my favourite minimalist treasures is this black gem vintage necklace, which was actually my Great Grandmother's. 

Apart from the sentimental value the necklace holds, it is a beautifully simple addition to an outfit and I wouldn't hesitate to wear it with anything. The black gem is the most versatile piece of jewelry I own, I love wearing it especially with more black for the ultimate opposite to my usual bold and bright statement accessories, a look that I have been loving this week.
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Yay, happy Mother's Day everyone! Me and my mum have had our issues over the years, some of which are ongoing (and probably will be for a long time), but this doesn't make me any less grateful for having a mother who loves and supports me. Today me, my brother, mum, aunt, cousins, nanny and grandad are all going for lunch which I am really looking forward to, I adore my family and haven't seen my aunt, cousins or grandparents for a few months so it'll be a really nice day.

My mum is a complete pain in the bum to buy for, the things I think she will love she hates and the things I'm scared she won't like she loves, so who knows how her presents will be received today! She unfortunately has coeliac disease, so I decided to buy her a gluten free cookbook which I really hopes she likes, it has a range of main meals, snacks and deserts in there so hopefully she'll enjoy cooking (and eating) the recipes. My mum also is a huge fan of Japanese food and culture and when we go to her favourite Japanese restaurant near Leicester Square she devours the complementary Japanese crackers, so I bought her a huuuuge pack of them along with some herbal tea.

What are your plans for Mother's Day? I hope you all have an amazing one and make your mums feel very loved!  

Lots of love,


  1. I love the Dr Lipp balm, I mentioned it in one of my first posts. I'm trying to put some on every night before I go to bed to keep my lips hydrated :) Fab post xx

    1. It's really helped me out this week! Ahh that's such a good idea xxx

  2. Oh the neckpiece is so stunning <3 <3



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