Sunday, 9 March 2014

This Week's BFL Favourites #4

Happy Sunday everyone! How's everyone's week been? I've had quite an eventful week blogging wise as I made my first Youtube video and I have a bunch of posts lined up for the next few weeks. But anyway, here's a little insight into my favourite beauty, fashion and lifestyle moments of this week. 

What do I love more than reading a magazine? Reading a magazine with a free gift in it. This month's Glamour came with a Model Co Eyeliner Pencil, which includes a built in sharpener. The colour of the eyeliner is black, and when I say black I mean black. The eyeliner comes out very dark, which is great for dramatic night make-up. The eyeliner itself has a very waxy texture making it come off very thick when you apply, which is perfect for smudging for a sultry smokey eye effect.

All Winter I was pining after a plain black chunky cable knit scarf to add to my scarf collection, but I never actually got round to buying one. When browsing on ASOS the other day I stumbled upon none other than a perfect black cable knit scarf... for £4! So I snapped up that style steal and now I have myself a cosy new scarf (yay!), I'm wearing it at every chance I get before the weather gets gorgeous and hot.

It's just under one month until my boyfriend and I go away to Venice! We've both never been before so hopefully it'll be a great experience where we'll learn loads about the culture, see lots of beautiful sights and eat lots of authentic Italian food. I'm really looking forward to this trip, it'll be an amazing new experience, I'm literally counting down the days! :) :) :) 

What's been your BFL favourites this week?
Lots of love,

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