Sunday, 20 April 2014

Heidi Klum Shine My Rose

There's always a risk buying perfumes online that when you receive them you'll absolutely hate the scent. Saying that, this risk makes it ten times more exciting when you order a perfume and when you get it open and spritz it for the first time, you fall in love. This is what happened when I bought Heidi Klum's Shine My Rose and needless to say I adore this perfume. 

Does it make me cheesy that I have an ever growing collection of celebrity perfumes that I love? I can't help it, I love trying celeb fragrances! I don't even know who Heidi Klum is 
(did she date Seal?!) but the pretty packaging and scent description sounded absolutely gorgeous. The thing is as well, whilst I love my Marc Jacob's and Jimmy Choo perfumes, every other girl has them; I love finding something a little different which will give me a unique but still lovely scent. 

I'm a sucker for floral, romantic fragrances and the gorgeous rose and fruity scent of this perfume is one of my favourites for a date day or night with my boyfriend. This is definitely a scent for summer as it is flirty and light and the tones online are described as follows, "It opens with rose petals, juicy passion fruit and blue chamomile. The heart tones include violet, wild strawberry and fresh litchi. The base develops with sophisticated accords of cedar, patchouli and vanilla.". 

This is definitely going to be my signature fragrance for summer and I am super happy that the online perfume purchase risk was a success!

Lots of love,



  1. I've never bought perfume online, I'd be worried I wouldn't like it and then waste my money! I'm with you on finding a unique scent, I like perfumes where people stop and say 'oh what perfume are you wearing, it's lovely' rather than 'you're wearing coco channel aren't you'

    x Hayley-Eszti |

    1. I know, there is a bit of a risk, I just make sure I read the description and if there are notes I know I like then normally I'm all okay! It's a pleasant surprise most of the time though :)
      Yeah, definitely, it's nice to have something a bit different xx

  2. This perfume sounds lovely, I have never brought perfume online, incase I didn't like it!

  3. I love floral fragrances too, my favourite celeb perfume is Rihanna's Rebl' Fleur.
    Happy Easter!

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    Love Emma xx

    1. Have you tried Rihanna's Nude? That's one of my favourites!
      All done sweetie, good luck! Xx

  4. This sounds perfect for me! Lovely blog xo


  5. Great post! I just followed you on GFC. Follow Back?
    Alley xoxo

  6. I love smelling stuff. Meaning scented candles and perfumes, by that :) I think it's great to have perfumes, but it's awesome when you find a unique one that smells awesome like this!

    1. Yeah, I absolutely love finding unique but great scents xx


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