Friday, 18 April 2014

Urban Massage & Exclusive £10 Off Code!

Last week I got a lovely treat as the very kind people at Urban Massage spoiled me with a complimentary massage*. In the past I've never had a massage anywhere except a spa and while that is a must on a spa trip, I never have the spare hours to have one any time else. This is where Urban Massage comes in very handy! It is a service which allows you to book home massages for any time that suits you, so the massage can easily be fitted into your schedule and you aren't forced to dedicate your whole afternoon/morning/day to your massage.

Despite the convenient and quick nature of the Urban Massage service, their quality is not lost. There is a huge variety of treatments available from a 60 minute two hand massage, to a 2 hour four hand treatments so this service truly caters to your schedule and wants. In addition to this there are also a lovely long list of treatments to chose from, I went for an energizing treatment but I would love to try them all!

My Urban Massage experience itself was perfect. My therapist was Sam, and it was a professional, comfortable and relaxing treatment; even more cosy than a usual massage because it was in my own home. Sam was polite and punctual and the massage was soothing and left me feeling oh so tranquil and ready for the day! I'm looking forward to my next treatment with them, the only downside to Urban Massage is that they do only work within the London area, but hopefully in the future they will expand further across the UK as it is such a handy service with amazing quality massages, everyone deserves to be able to use it!

Aaaaandd, I have another discount code for you all, yay! The discount code YWY10 will give you £10 off your Urban Massage so get booking today at and try this lush service for yourself.

Lots of love,


  1. Glad you enjoyed! This sounds right up my street, definitely going to look into this

    X Emma |

  2. I've never had a massage before! I think I need to :) It sounds lovely.


    1. It's a great service, definitely look into it! Xx


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