Monday, 26 May 2014

Easy Monday

Jeans- River Island | Heels- New Look | Top- Cheap Monday | Jacket- New Look

I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend, it feels like it's been a bank holiday literally once every few weeks recently; not that I'm complaining! They're the perfect time to catch up with family, work, blogging, sleep and they also mean less working days until next weekend, yay :)

In the last few days I've spent a lot of time on my blog; I am now which is very exciting news, I feel like my little blog has grown up in a weird way. Aside from that, my boyfriend and I have had a lovely long weekend together. I have a fear of deep water and sea creatures and as a result of that I've refused to go swimming for years, but on Saturday we went to our local leisure centre and had a little swim, and surprisingly it wasn't as terrifying (or deep) as I expected it to be. I've really enjoyed having nights in cooking dinner and watching films with him recently - they're my ideal evenings - so I'm feeling very relaxed, happy and loved up after this weekend. 

Another couple I expect are feeling very loved up during this long weekend is Kimye; congrats! They are definitely the weirdest couple ever, but still I'm a sucker for weddings, romance and anything love related so I'm happy for them. In celebration I dedicated a little bit of my outfit to Kim K, who is the queen of ripped jeans a heels. 

Happy bank holiday all!
Lots of love,


  1. Makes me want to try the ripped jeans and heels too :) Love the outfit, I'd totally wear it! x
    Emily Lavenders

    1. Haha, definitely try it sometime! Thanks so much xx

  2. You are so stunning, think I've found a new favourite blog :)


    1. Ahh thanks so much gorgeous, that means so much! Xxx

  3. I love ripped jeans although my mum is very much against it LOL. I really love the colour of your pant. And the entire look is so casual and comfortable. It's definitely my go-to wear!
    Love, Somdyuti

    1. Aw how comes? It's very summery, and totally comfortable! Xx


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