Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Festival Eyes: Part One

Festival season is coming and an aid for looking fresh (even when you don't feel it) at festivals is of course make-up; fake it until you make as they say! Even if my hair is a hot mess and my clothes are mud splattered, I feel less conscious about looking a tad rough if I know my make-up is helping me look at least a little bit human. In this three part post I'll be sharing my favourite festival eye make-up looks, each tailored for different types of festival with something for Glastonbury-goers to Wireless day-ravers. 

Ideal for: Download, Reading, Glastonbury or Sonisphere

The ultimate rock chick liner look, the cat eye flick, is a small make-up technique with a big impact; perfect for festivals like Download, Glastonbury or Sonisphere. At festivals you don't want to be spending forever on your make-up or lugging a lot of make-up gear with you, making this ideal as all you need is a thick black eyeliner pen to achieve this look. 

My advice for this eye look in festival season is to invest in an eyeliner which is a nice, deep black which you know won't budge. I use Bombshell's Eyeliner Pen and it honestly doesn't move all day and night for me. I love gel eyeliners but found they smudge quite easily, so experiment to find your perfect black eyeliner.

The single flick of liner embodies rock music as it's solid, dark but still glamorous; I instantly associate it with people like Kat Von D and Amy Winehouse. The liner flick is simple but pretty difficult to master, and mine moves slightly away from cat eyes and more towards Maleficent horns, haha.

When completing this festival look I dusted a light grey shadow over my lids to give a subtle bit of definition to them. You can use any colour eye-shadow you want behind your cat eye flick to bolden and enhance your eyes further, but I have to say some of the best cat eye flicks I've seen have been on bare lids. Doing this really draws all your attention to the flick, so if you're confident with yours leave your lids natural but if you're a little more shaky use eye-shadow to take it out of the limelight. Obviously you don't want to take anything you don't need, so have a think about this pre-festival before you pack your bags. Don't forget your make-up wipes!



  1. This is a great look hun :)
    Cannot wait for part 2 and 3;D

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  2. I love the shape of your eyeliner! This look is beautiful, I've never been to a festival!

    1. Thank you. I much prefer day ones to weekend ones, I hate camping haha xx

  3. Love this make-up look! I am the biggest fan of a flick of eyeliner I think its the perfect look for everything! Your eyeliner looks lovely! X


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