Friday, 13 June 2014

Jumping into Summer

Hello, sunshine! Who else has been obsessed with the weather this week, it has been a dream. I'm one of those people who is happy when the weather is gorgeous, and literally I am head over heels in love with the weather this week. I've actually been having a really nice one; my diet is going well, my mum was looking after an adorable puppy earlier in week, I did a days make-up course (and passed, woo!), my boyfriend has almost finished his exams and with this fabulous weather I'm excited for the Summer!

Jumpsuit- Primark | Shoes- River Island 

As you've seen from Monday's Style Spotlight, the warm weather has got me hooked on floral prints. What's more summery than florals? Nothing, that's what! You can depend on florals on being a summer trend that will survive and strive year after year. I embraced the sun and got my shoulders out this week in my Primark jumpsuit. I love the little ditzy flower pattern on this as the florals are small and cute rather than big and detailed. Although I have some playsuits that have big, detailed florals this ditzy pattern is also a beautiful variation of forals as it is playful and adorable. 

The colours of the playsuit are also a great palette for summer, the violet, pink and yellow  flowers create a gorgeous mix of some of my favourite summer colours. The cute pattern puts all these colours together without making them look too messy or the pattern too overcrowded, so I've found this to be a perfect jumpsuit to flaunt summery colours and patterns effortlessly. The other thing that makes this jumpsuit a go-to for summer is that it is so comfortable. In the hot weather I hate my clothing sticking to me and making me feel even more stuffy and uncomfortable, and the loose casual fit of this jumpsuit comfy and also chic casual wear.



  1. I love your jumpsuit! I really want to get a similar one. I think they are so easy to wear! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  2. I'm in love with the floral jumpsuit- it's perfect for the warmer summer weather x I love how it can be casual and chic at the same time.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely going to be one of my favourites this year xx

  3. These photos are lovely Catherine! It's the best when the weather is nice and you can get some outdoor photos. I'd love to hear more about your day make up course, sounds like something I would love. Thanks for tweeting me your link lovely! Was already following your lustworthy blog!xx

    1. Thanks so much! I know, I'm taking advantage of it haha. Keep your eyes peeled, a review will be coming soon :) xx


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