Friday, 6 June 2014

Topshop's Ooh La La

Topshop is a haven of beautiful clothes, shoes and make-up. Unfortuntaley for me, I haven't had the opportunity to pop down to my nearest store for a while, which is probably a good thing as I'm trying to cut down on my spending a bit! Anyway, in the last few days I have been head over heels in love with one of my oldest favourite Topshop lipsticks. 

The shade Ooh La La is undoubtedly the cosmetic embodiment of that phrase! Flirty, sassy but still ladylike, this is an in between pink and coral shade which I love for adding a feminine touch to a neutral outfit's colour palette. The gorgeous shade is coral enough that it isn't too much of an in your face pink, but is still pink enough to create a sweet and pretty tint to your lips. 

I have quite dry lips which get dehydrated quickly during the day especially if I'm outside or travelling, so a fairly moisturizing lipstick is something I tend to look out for. I found Topshop's lipsticks are quite drying which isn't the best for my moisture hungry smackers, so I generally need to apply this lipstick with a bit of Vaseline, but that isn't a problem as the rose tint of my Vaseline just enhances the colour even more.

Overall, the quality of the lipstick is great. The colour is long lasting, bright and beautiful which is exactly how a lippy should be and despite the dryness - which can be easily remedied- Ooh La La is one of my most trusted lipsticks from a girly refresh to my make-up.



  1. I love the colour of this lipstick! I am yet to try any of the Topshop lipsticks but have my eye on a few different shades so may have to grab one next time I'm in store! Your lips are a great shape for showing off lipstick by the way! xx

  2. I love that color! Great review :-)

  3. This colour is gorgeous, almost hot pink but without being too Barbie. I've still not tried Topshop makeup!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. The colours gorgeous! I love topshop makeup especially their lipsticks.. apparantly theyre made by the same people as MAC xx

  5. Such a stunning shade! I love the Topshop lipsticks, they're one of my favourite formulas. And the shades are gorgeous too.
    Daniela | danielascribbles blog xo

  6. This lipstick is beautiful! I definitely need to try the TopShop Lipsticks still! Great post btw!

    Juliana Grace |

  7. This looks absolutely beautiful on you!! Always great to find those colors that!
    Gwenayfer |

  8. This looks gorgeous! I love Topshop lipsticks! xx

  9. This is a gorgeous colour. I really need to try a topshop lipstick
    Beth x

    1. I would recommend it, they have some gorgeous colours :) xx

  10. It's a gorgeous colour and I haven't tried Topshop lipsticks but I may need to try them :)

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow


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