Friday, 18 July 2014

Keeping Safe in The Sun

Hands down one of my favourite parts of going away is getting a gorgeous tan. Being tanned makes me feel so much for confident in my swimwear; it's definitely the icing on the bikini body cake. But, the sun has its dangers and the importance of keeping your skin safe in the sun should never be ignored. I have quite dark skin which tans easily and I'll be the first to admit it's easy to get complacent about your skin and the sun. In addition to sunburn, not protecting your skin can lead to a multitude of problems such as premature ageing, mottled pigmentation, loss of elasticity in the skin and probably the most alarming of all, skin cancer. Unfortunately I've learnt (the hard way, I got sunburnt last spring in Mexico) that despite skin type precautions have to be taken to keep our skin safe.


In this day and age, we are lucky enough to have a huge selection products at our fingertips that we can use to help us protect our skin. The minimum SPF you should be using on your skin is 15, but the higher the better to ensure you are safe against UV rays. Making sure you have the correct SPF is one thing, but you also have to ensure you have enough; don't be stingy with the suncream! A thin layer of suncream will actually cause the SPF to decrease, so be generous when applying and don't forget to re-apply every few hours, especially after swimming this'll cause the cream to wash off, leaving you unprotected.

Using Correct Oils

I've always used oil to help accelerate my tan, but you need to be cautious that you are using ones that will tan you safely. Before I say anything else, let me just say do not use baby oil. Even if you are wearing suncream, baby oil literally cooks your skin and you are putting yourself more at risk of burning. If you do want to use a tanning oil there are a load of safe alternatives which will still get you glowing but without the risk. One of my favourite tan accelerator oils is by Piz Buin (buy it here) and like many of the other safe tanning oils out there it has SPF so you are ensured to stay safe whilst also building your perfect tan; it's a win win situation! 

Carefully Select Sunbathing Time 

The sun is at its most intense between 10am and 3pm, so try to keep your sunbathing within a time where you aren't exposed to the sun's harshest rays. I know it can be tempting to roll out of bed, have breakfast, then bake in the sun for a few hours but doing this you're more likely to end up burnt than brown, so pick your time wisely! When I got burnt in Mexico it because I only sunbathed whilst the sun was at it's most powerful, if I'd of used the same SPF suncream later in the day, I wouldn't of got burned. It's really worth just staying out of the sun at that time of the day to avoid any unpleasant effects on your skin. 

Don't forget to accessorize!

Another horrible side effect of over exposure to the sun is sunstroke. I'm glad to say I've never had it, but from what I've heard it really is the worst thing, sounds like a proper holiday ruiner! Symptoms of sunstroke include nausea, sweats, dizziness and rapid breathing and is caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Whilst suncream is one factor which will help to protect you from sunstroke, it's also important to keep your head covered from the sun which is a perfect excuse to go and get yourself a gorgeous new hat. Sunglasses, hats, cover-ups are all great ways to flaunt your style on holiday but still keep you safe, healthy and happy. 



  1. Great post, sun protection is so important! xx

  2. Lovely post, i always burn so using spf is really important to me!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Thanks lovely. I know, it's so important to keep safe, I hate burning :( xx

  3. This is a great post, it is always good to have a reminder about staying safe in the sun x

    1. Thank you! It's so important and too easy to forget about xx


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