Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Carlton Institute Day Make-Up Course

A couple of weeks ago I attended a day make-up course at The Carlton Institute in sunny Brentwood and even though it was my first experience learning about make-up in a professional learning environment, it was definitely one of the most fun, exciting and intense ways I've ever had the opportunity of practicing and learning more about make-up and the industry. 

The stunning scenery on my walk from the train station to The Carlton Institute

I was so happy with the course I wrote a lovely jubbly review for The Carlton Institute which you can read on their website here ! I know a lot of you have a passion for make-up and beauty and a day course like the one I went on gives you an ideal platform for learning an array of new tricks whilst practicing and improving skills you already have.

I'd love for you to have a read of my review of the course and if you have any questions about taking a make-up course or anything else for that matter don't hesitate to drop me an email or tweet! 



  1. I really want to look into doing makeup courses next year ut duo to only getting a few weeks holiday from work this sounds perfect!


    1. This definitely sounds like it would suit you then as it's a lot of information & learning packed into one day so it's intense but very good! Xx


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