Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Alice & Peter's Wicked Berry

Whenever I return from holiday, I always binge. No, no, not on food (even though we did treat ourselves to a curry the night we got home), but clothing and beauty items. Aside from the obviously exciting splurge on a few bits and pieces, when I find myself reunited with my make-up, perfumes and pamper products I also go into a bit of a frenzy and fall in love with all my beauty products all over again. When packing for holiday, I try my best to stick to the tricks of packing light, leaving me to limit myself to one evening perfume for the entire holiday, resulting in one of the most popular objects of my desire post-holiday being fragrances. 

A while back I was sent Alice & Peter's Wicked Berry* from Scent City - a brand spanking new fragrance retailer - to sample prior to their launch which has come around so quickly as it's now literally around the corner! In lieu of the upcoming launch, I wanted to let you know my thoughts on Wicked Berry, which has probably earned the title of being the most unique perfume in my collection. The majority of my perfumes are fairly delicate, airy and girly scents and when contacted by Scent City they gave me a wide variety of fragrances to select from and I decided I wanted something a little bit different to try for a change. 

Wicked Berry's scent is noted to be, "A blend of rose, lilac and freesia mixed with blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry with amber, vanilla and sandalwood". I knew I had to make sure there were some notes included which I knew I liked (I love my rose, vanilla and raspberry!), but the heavily fruit dominated scent is something very different for me, especially due to the actual fruit choices as blackberry and blackcurrant can smell quite bitter, so I was excited but not sure what to expect when I opened up Wicked Berry.

Wicked Berry- RRP £40 for 30ml*
Before I got on to smelling the actual fragrance, one unmissable factor of Wicked Berry is it's packaging; it's a cupcake! It's pretty purple glass bottom holds a pristine white cupcake icing swirl which is topped with a cluster of blackberries and decorated with a single pearl, diamante and Alice & Peter logo. Aside from not being the most sophisticated bottle in the world- I won't lie to you, I prefer it's appearance without the giant cupcake element- the packaging is cute, quirky and sweet but generally I'd be more drawn to something with a little bit more elegance in its appearance. Saying that, you must never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a perfume by its bottle. 

As I expected, the most prominent notes in Wicked Berry are without a doubt the blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry scents and these scents all together create a punchy edge to this fruity fragrance. In contrast, the sandalwood, vanilla and rose give a smooth, sweet feel to this perfume, leaving me to describe Wicked Berry as having a very sweet, sharp but not overpowering smell. For daytime use, I prefer something a little more delicate and subtle, but of an evening Wicked Berry is ideal for a casual evening event. This perfume definitely holds a natural and fruity element, so a garden party or evening picnic would be the perfect setting to show off this unique scent.

Despite on paper not being a perfume that I would necessarily be my first pick of the bunch, I've been surprised by how much I do like this delightfully fruity scent. If you're a girl who's signature smell is a more fruity, sweet fragrance (think Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture), then this will be a winner by miles for you. But, unfortunately for me, in my rankings Wicked Berry hasn't quite managed to gain a top position as an 'all day, every day' favourite.

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  1. This sounds like a gorgeous fragrance, great review!
    Just started following you sweet & love your blog :)
    Lydia x

  2. We've never seen this product before; love the cupcake bottle/packaging! Sounds like a great perfume :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  3. I love fruity scents! And thanks for comparing the scent to more popular perfumes, because I can go smell it at the mall and get a sense of what it smells like! ;)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. Haha, no problem, it helps give a better idea of what it actually smells like :) xxx

  4. This is the cutest thing ever! Loved your post! xo


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