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Skin Saving Snacks

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We all strive for perfect skin; for some of us it comes naturally (you lucky things), but for the rest of us, flawless skin is a little bit more of a challenge. There are hundreds of products on the market that promise better skin, whether that be blemish-less, wrinkle free or without redness, whatever your skin issue there is a product which will apparently remedy it. And as much as I adore and enjoy trying new skincare products, the majority don't come cheap, and what's the point of using £100 worth of skincare products if you're then eating junk which will worsen your complexion? An important skincare lesson I've learnt is that there are numerous factors which effect your skin - not just what products you use - that you can't forget about when you're wanting to look after it, one of which is food. 

You are what you eat and your skin can be effected massively by what you put into your body. At times we all have cravings for something to eat and despite the fact it's easy to scoff down a bar of chocolate as a mid-afternoon snack (I've done it enough times and it always breaks me out), there are snacks out there that will actually improve your skin! Here are some of my favourite healthy and tasty snacks that will allow you to eat your way to flawless skin.


"Really, walnuts?!" I hear you say. Yes, walnuts are packed full of skin nourishing properties which will leave your skin radiant, youthful and clear. Walnuts are rich in Selenium, which is a great natural aid in combating acne and blemishes. In addition to its blemish banishing, walnuts can also delay the ageing of the skin. High levels of stress can cause havoc on our skin but the plentiful amount of Vitamin B and antioxidants in walnuts reduces stress and boosts your mood, countering the ageing effects of stress on the skin. If you're prone to breakouts or have a stressful job, Walnuts are a great snack to keep in your handbag if you get craving for foods during work.


These sweet, crunchy and juicy vegetables are surprisingly beneficial for your complexion as peppers contain both antioxidants and phytochemicals; these important ingredients within peppers rejuvenate the skill keeping it soft, radiant and youthful. It's also said that a mixture of carrot and pepper juice can help sooth and clear rashes on the skin, so keep that concoction in mind if you suffer from rashes or skin irritation.

Sunflower Seeds

Recently sunflower seeds have been my snack of choice; they're healthy, delicious, plus they do amazing things for your skin. Sunflower seeds contain a generous amount of Vitamin E, which is vital for protecting your skin from cell damage whilst simultaneously promoting skin growth, making sure your skin is always healthy as well as healthy looking. Amazingly, sunflower seed oil also has skin loving properties as it acts as a natural moisturizer!


When I was younger I never used to really like blueberries, but over the years they've grown on me, especially now I know the health benefits behind them. Blueberries are another fruit filled to the brim with antioxidants that combat oxidants which can cause skill cell damage. By eating these berries, you'll protect your skin from damage and allow it to stay youthful! Vitamin C is also present within blueberries, which strengthens your blood vessels and capillaries. This means not only can your circulation improve but also prevent the formation of 'spider veins'.


Tomatoes are great because they can not only be eaten on their own as a snack but they can be incorporated into a variety of tasty treats. Eating tomatoes can increase the Lycopene content within your skin which holds a number of benefits which will get you one step closer to beautiful, flawless skin. Lycopene naturally improves the texture of your skin making it softer and more supple, whilst also delaying the wrinkling process. In addition, skin with high levels of lycopene is more naturally protected against UV rays; although you should always use sun cream, think of it as a natural little extra SPF!


Hunger can often be mistaken for thirst, so before heading straight for the snacks make yourself a glass of water to drink slowly. Water itself is also majorly beneficial to the skin, so be sure to drink your eight glasses a day throughout the day! Water is a fantastic natural acne cure and drinking more on a day to day basis can improve a complexion massively. It also ensure our skin stays moisturized and supple, which in turn keeps skin youthful and radiant. Drinking enough water can also help prevent skin disorders such as eczema as it flushes out the toxins within the body which can cause these skin issues.

If you've been suffering with less than perfect skin, or just want your skin to be the most flawless it can be then rethink your snacking habits with these suggestions in mind!



  1. Fab post, so informative! I love blueberries and I am lucky that water is my favourite thing to drink :)

    Lovely post as always, need to see you soon for birthday celebrations!

    X Emma |

    1. Thanks babe! Blueberries are so tasty, definitely, miss you loads xxx

  2. Blueberries and water are 2 things I live off at work! Due to crappy vending machines been around me constantly I dont wanna be eating crap all day so i stock up on blueberries (and melon) before work, and I have a desk right next to the water fountain :-)

    1. Haha they're so good for you! Great idea chick :) xx

  3. I have definitely learnt a few things here :D
    Great post!

    Alice x

  4. Just went and got some walnuts out of my cupboard after reading this! Love this post, so helpful! x

    hayleyivy xx

  5. I always try to eat blueberries for breakfast they are so so good with porridge ! My skin is actually a bit of a nightmare at the moment so I need to stock up on all of this asap:) <3


    1. They go with so many things, it's so easy to add them to your diet :) xx

  6. PERFECT thank you for sharing, I wish I enjoyed nuts more as they are so good for you xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  7. I soo needed this post! Thank you for the tips.. off I go for a glass of water!

    A Muslimah's Little Blog

  8. Great post hun. I've been buying hazelnuts as snacks for while I work as I like them better than walnuts. Will get a few of the other items you suggested. Never knew peppers were good for the skin.

    Style of Colours

    1. Hazelnuts are still fab for you so that's great :) xx

  9. Blue berries, strawberries, nuts and watermelon with water are also great too

  10. Besides water I didn't know any of these were good for your skin! Really informative post!

  11. Definitely going to try increase my intake of these items. My skin has been all over the place so hopefully this will help it! :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee


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