Friday, 15 August 2014

The Classic Eyes and Lips

If there's any make-up look that conveys effortless sophistication and glamour, it's the classic subtle smokey eye and red pouting lips. On the days when you want minimal work going into your make-up  but with maximum impact, this is the perfect look to let your inner starlet shine in only a few simple steps.

The make-up I've used to create this look are

As you can see by the small list of cosmetics needed to achieve this simple but stunning make-up look, this really is an easy look to recreate in next to no time!

classic eye make-up makeup youwishyou tutorial glamorous eyes
glamorous eye makeup tutorial eyes classic elegant eyes beauty youwishyou

When applying make-up, I always start with the eyes, does anyone else do this? I don't know why, I suppose it's so if I get eyeshadow anywhere on my face it doesn't matter, that makes sense I guess! Anyway, I create the subtle smokey eye start by applying your nude or lighter shade to your eyelids. Then, with your darker shade apply a small line of shadow from the outer corner to the crease of your eyelid and blend until you have your perfect smokey eye effect; easy peasy! This technique can be applied to any colours to create any type of smokey eye, just by changing the shades you can create a totally different look. You can create an evening edition of this make-up look by choosing two darker shades and using the same technique as above to get the same look but with a more dramatic impact. 

Next, with your eyeliner lightly outline the outer corner of your eyelid to give the illusion of bigger eyes. I don't like to make this too obvious on an daytime look, but that's just down to personal taste so have a play around with the thickness of the eyeliner on yourself, but always make sure it's just applied to the outer corner (never the inner as that will close up your eyes). The same rule applies for mascara, in this look I've only popped it on my lower and upper outer lashes to create a fanning effect and again make my eyes pop. And that's it, the eyes are done! When I said effortless, I meant effortless and the lips are even easier.

red lips lipstick rimmel london kate moss glamorous lips glamour classic youwishyou
red lipstick beauty makeup rimmel london kate moss youwishyou

For the perfect classic red lips, all you need is your perfect timeless red lippy. It can be hard to pin down the ultimate effortless glamour shade of red, but within my collection I think my Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection lipstick in Shade 01 fits that bill the best. I personally love Rimmel's lipsticks as a girl with quite dry lips their formulas are never drying and the colour is always gorgeously pigmented and bold, amazing value for money as they're as cheap as chips too! 

There's nothing better than a make-up look which is both easy to create but glamorous and I adore donning the classic eyes and lips look for a timeless and elegant but effortless appearance.



  1. I absolutely ADORE your blog. Would mean a lot if you would check out mine ( Do you have instagram? Follow me over there and I'll follow you back ; claudiarosa xx

  2. Love, love, love the soft and very wearable eye makeup look. Gorgeous!
    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  3. That lip colour is so gorgeous! I've seen so many reviews about that shade and always admire them. I think it's time to get myself one, haha ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  4. GORGEOUS look, love the lippy xxx

  5. Great look! As another dry lipped girl, I totally agree with you about Rimmel's lipsticks! Xx

    1. Haha, they are one of the best brands for me! Xx

  6. Love the eye colours on you! xxx

  7. Love your make up here, you're gorgeous! Nothing more glamorous than a bold red lip!
    Lydia x

  8. This make up look is great, perfect date night look! Ruby x


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