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10 Uses For Vaseline

10 uses for Vaseline
10 uses for Vaseline

Everyone at some point in their life has owned a tub or tin of Vaseline. It's a must have for dry lips, especially in the colder months but there's more to this gorgeous little jelly than meets the eye. Here are 10 beautiful and brilliant uses for Vaseline that you may not of known your handbag essential can be used for.


The obvious, what it says on the tin. Vaseline is my savior when it comes to chapped, dry winter lips. If your lips are having a dry spell lather on a layer before bed for perfect, plump, hydrated lips when you wake up.


Vaseline is fantastic for getting even the toughest of waterproof mascaras off. Massage into your eyelids and use a cotton pad to wipe away. You'll have panda eyes at first but it really does the trick.


Sweep over your cheek and brow bones to accentuate them and bring out your bone structure. Use a small amount over make-up or just on a bare face to give a natural, fresh faced glow.


Dry cuticles, it happens to all of us. Whether it's just on a cold day or after a trip to the nail salon, our cuticles nee some TLC every now and again. Vaseline is a great alternative to cuticle oil for when you're out and about as it's something you'll always have to had and it never seems to run out for some reason.


Apparently this is one all the models and beauty pageant contestants live by. Popping a small amount of Vaseline over your teeth will stop lipstick from smudging onto them, so you can smile wide all day worry free.


We've all faced this problem; there's not enough room in our bag for perfume but obviously we want our scent to last all night. Before spritzing your perfume dab some Vaseline onto your pulse points to keep your fragrance smelling gorgeous for longer.


The last and probably one of the most important parts of my make-up routine is my brows. I adore perfectly arched, groomed brows but if I'm not careful I can end up smudging and skewing them. A bit of Vaseline on a spooley can give the perfect amount of fixture your brows need to keep them secure throughout the day.

You can't beat a new bag or shoe shine, and Vaseline can be used to help maintain this for longer. Use a very small dab to polish your accessories and give them their 'just bought' shine back.


This is a life saver when colouring hair at home as it means no messy stains on your head, ears, neck..or anywhere else for that matter! Smear a layer over any parts are prone to dye splashes and when you're done dying wipe away with some tissue for a spotless, stain free head. 


A few weeks after a fresh mani the colour and gleam can start to look a little bit stale. I always feel disappointed when I see my new nails looking a bit faded and on a night out I find myself reaching for the Vaseline tin. A swift swipe over my claws gives them that instant refresh. 



  1. Amazing post! So amazing that Vaseline has so many uses!

    I actually am part of the team that handle the press for Vaseline, so I'll make sure your post is shared with the team!

    Ashlie xxx

  2. Yes! I love vaseline for all of this, but I also use it on my feet to prevent blisters from heels! If you put a dab on the spots where your shoes rub against your feet, it'll stop the friction and blisters from forming!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  3. wow this is so useful :) didn't know half of these! xx

    Jenny from Dream In Pink

  4. Vaseline is good for everything, haha. I do know most of them but a few I didn't know about, so thanks for sharing! :)


  5. i love how vaseline is good for literally everything. great post hun

  6. I had no idea about the make up remover one or the brow wax one! Now I'm thinking how did I not know these?! I swear by Vaseline and so do most women in my family haha

  7. Awesome blog post! So many uses that I never would have thought of. :P


  8. This sounds amazing! Very helpful post! =)
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  9. Vaseline is one of the best things ever - so many uses <3 Thanks for sharing!

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  10. I never even knew if you put it on your nails it can make them look better, very handy!

    Amy | Adore Beaute

  11. Never knew about the many cool traits of vaseline! Have you tried the Paw Paw lotion too (have a look at my blog) its like vaseline just even handier for those larger dry areas or just deep moisturising!


  12. So many amazing uses!! Vaseline is definitely a must! Beautiful post :)

    Mary Bloomy


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