Friday, 17 October 2014

AW14 LIPS: 100% Vamp

Makeup Revolution 100% Vamp

I recently jumped on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon and bought myself their Vamp Collection which consists of three lipsticks; 100% Vamp, Rebel With Cause and Black Heart. These three are probably now the deepest colours of all my lipsticks, which I'm pretty pleased and excited about as AW14 is now in full swing. 

100% Vamp is a very deep purple shade, ideal for this season, especially of an evening when you want to add another level of glamour to your look. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with the colour of this lipstick, it's definitely my most gorgeous purple to date. I love how it is on the deeper, blacker side so it's less girly than a typical purple and more sultry and seductive, I'd say it's definitely an all age, all place appropriate shade whereas I've found some of my lighter purples can look a bit too bright, playful and informal. 

As a girl with dry lips, texture is very important to me when it comes to my lipsticks and I couldn't fault the creamy, smooth one of 100% Vamp. I love how effortlessly it glides on and  it left my lips feeling soft and comfortable. I did have to go over the inner middle section of my bottom lip a few times before it matched the rest of my lips, but I find that normal of most dark shades and for £1 it's definitely not something to complain about. Aside from that, upon first applying, I didn't feel like I had to worry about this drying my lips out at all.

I'm so disappointed to say they are the only element of this lipstick that I can really rave about. I found wearing this for an evening was manageable, but trying to wear it for a whole day really tested my patience. The long wear of this lipstick really let me down. After the hour and a half drive to uni I looked up into my mirror to check my lipstick was still in tact and it was pretty much gone from the insides of my lips and had just left me with a hideous purple outline. Typically this would never happen, maybe you'd see a bit of a fade in colour but I've never seen a lipstick literally disappear so quickly. I kept calm and carried on, swiftly reapplied and went to class but throughout the day a routine began to develop of having to constantly check and redo my lipstick. I'm usually very tolerant with lipsticks when it comes to lunch time, I know that half of it's going to end up around the rim of my water bottle or on my sandwich and that's fine, it doesn't take two seconds to reapply after a bite to eat, but this got to the point of ridiculousness! After a day of watching me reapply this constantly at uni my friend recommend a lipstick sealer she uses, so I'll definitely try 100% Vamp in conjunction with a sealer, but on its own it doesn't have enough staying power. 

I'm gutted that 100% Vamp didn't live up to my expectations, I absolutely adore and am obsessed with the shade, but the lipstick is just not day-proof. The colour is kick-ass, but I wouldn't describe this lipstick as a good deal or bargain in any way as you are literally getting exactly what you pay for.

I've still got two out of three of the lipsticks to try from Makeup Revolution's Vamp Collection, so I'm hoping the others will live up to the hype surrounding the brand!



  1. This is really cute, but it's a shame about how it wears! I think it's so bizarre that it disappears because I've never heard of that happening with a color like this before!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  2. This is an amazing colour! Such a shame that the staying power wasn't too good!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  3. Amazing colours! I hope the other two work out better in the way of staying power because I'd love to try em :)

    - Hayley xo

  4. That's a shame. Maybe wear it for an occasion, somewhere where you can top it up frequently! x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // Blog Sale

  5. It's a shame about the longevity of it but it's such a gorgeous shade. Love a good vampy lip this time of year! Josie xxx

  6. I had a similar experience with an MUA lipstick that lasted about 20 minutes on my lips. The colour is lovely though! :)

  7. It's annoying that it didn't last long :( love the colour though- would be really good for Halloween too! Xx Sophie /

  8. I've seen a lot of hits and misses surrounding this brand. Such a shame about the lasting power because the colour is amazing! At least it was only £1 :) x

  9. Hmm.. what a shame! it's such a pretty shade! I can't wait to read your reviews on the other shades - I'm super obsessed with dark bold lips at the mo...

  10. This color is amazing! Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

    p.s. I am holding a giveaway for a cozy aztec cardigan over on my blog if you'd like to enter! :)

  11. I have very dry lips too :( and I love the look of matte lipsticks. This shade reminds me of pure heroine by mac x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam // Pretty Honest Giveaway

  12. Gorgeous shade, shame it doesn't last. I think that's maybe where cheap lipsticks fall. I have some of makeup revolutions lipsticks and love them x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  13. Great lipstick for autumn:)
    AND Giveaway on my blog->

  14. ohhh my! i'm feeling this colour on you. it's so edgy and lush!

  15. OMG I have never heard of this lipstick I was so excited when I first started reading it because anyone that reads my blog knows how obsessed I am with purple lipsticks but to be honest I have found with a lot of the darker colours I have used that they tend to disappear on the inner lips and they you just look strange haha. Love the colour though looks super lush.

  16. AMAZING colour such a shame it dissappears so quickly but for that price I would just keep applying ;) xxx


  17. Thanks for the honest review---I love the color but it's such a shame that it's not a HG for you. I've been looking for a similar shade for a while now. I've heard that NYX makes a few matte vampy shades that are worth checking out.

  18. OMG! I love the colour! and 1 pound is defo worth it! I don't think you can get lipstick that cheap here in Ireland, at least not where I've looked! Where did you buy your lipstick?? I haven't seen that brand here. Maybe try press your lips onto tissue first and reapply? my sister says that makes the lipstick last a bit longer. :)


  19. I adore this colour! I have been using something similar on my lips as well this season!

    Thank you for leaving your links on my twitter, I have followed you on bloglovin and instagram!
    I would love if you could check out mine as well.

  20. That colors is amazing! I've been looking for a shade like that! Too bad it doesn't last very long :/

  21. So gorgeous colour! It's dark but no so dramatic as black lipstick. It is just so perfect for autumn.
    Thank you for leaving your links on my twitter, love to read your posts!


  22. Wow! This is such a really great and honest review! I was about to try the collection, but this got me doubting. Which one would you recommend in particular?



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