Sunday, 19 October 2014

Favourite Four: Home Decor Pins

I feel like this week my optimism has been tested. Last week I got a parking ticket from my flat car park after my permit had fallen off my dashboard without me realising and I found out this week that my appeal was rejected; that's £100 I can't afford to just give away. I've been having a few other issues with my car as well which I can't even deal with as I don't have a clue what to do with it and don't really want to cough up for a mechanic to overcharge me. My car as a whole is just frustrating and upsetting me and I can't let go of the fact I only started having problems with it after I got it back from having the lights fixed. Maybe Definitely sabotage. Anyway, car rant over.

 I've tried to keep my spirits high by focusing on the future and an aspect of my life which is definitely making me happy right now is our flat. I've finally gotten over the fact that it isn't going to be 100% spotless and tidy all the time, it isn't going to happen and I've stopped letting it traumatize me. Taking my energy out of obsessing over cleaning and my car and putting it into thinking about creating our perfect flat has actually surprisingly really calmed me down and made me feel more positive and upbeat. Right now our flat is still pretty bare (we don't even have a bed yet), but during weeks like this week you've got to hold the little things you do have close to you to make you happy.

Enough of my rambles, back to the point I've been scouring Pinterest's home decor sections which have made me optimistic and eager to plan and create and I wanted to share with you my favourite home decor pins that I've stumbled across recently.

My favourite two of the four are definitely the mantle and balcony decor images, only because we have both a completely bare balcony, mantle and fireplace which I've been itching to buy some decorative items for. I'd love some ideas if you have any!

I hope you all are having an amazing Sunday and that your next week is fabulous and full of optimism.



  1. UH OH cars can be such a pain but you definitely shouldn't have lost your appeal that's awful :( I am loving the decor inspo though, one day I will have a dream home ;) xx


  2. Sorry to hear about your car! They're just so annoying sometimes! Gorgeous pictures - I love the balcony one too :) xx

  3. i could look at home interior pictures all day! They just make me wish i had my own place to decorate! x

  4. Love this home decor inspo and sorry about your car :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week - the thing about your permit falling off and you getting fined really doesn't sound fair!

    I love the home decor images you have featured. I'd love a mint / blue fridge like that! xo

  6. they're all such gorgeous spaces!

    from helen at

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  7. sorry about your car, great inspirations for home decor


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