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Skincare Ingredients To Avoid

skincare ingredients to avoid
skincare ingredients to avoid

In a recent post I mentioned that I've been wary of the ingredients on the back of my skincare products recently and as my skincare routine steadily converts to all natural I've learnt more and more about the ingredients that we should be steering clear of.


Artificial fragrances are said to be a concoction of various ingredients and chemicals, many that are harmful. Artificial fragrance has been associated with symptoms such as skin discolouration, dizziness, vomiting and allergy rashes which were both reported and found in clinical studies. 


I've heard there is a lot of debate surrounding Mineral Oil and whether or not is does actually have a negative effect on your skin but from the many articles and blog posts I've read about it, none of them have sung its praises, and from my own personal experience, my advice would be to avoid it. Mineral Oil clogs pores and prevents the skin from getting rid of toxins, encouraging acne and premature ageing.


You know when people say you should avoid foaming skincare products? These are a reason why. SLS and SLES are found in 90% of beauty products that foam and can cause eye damage, skin irritation, breathing difficulties and depression (?!?). SLS and SLES are also used in engine degreasers, car wash products and other cleaning products. You wouldn't cleanse your face with car wash shampoo, you get what I'm saying?


These two preservatives release a toxin called Formaldehyde which can causes numerous health problems such as skin reactions, ear infections joint and chest pains. Urea is also found in your wee which is gross and a turn off enough for me. 


Okay so when I did a little search on Parabens I was actually really shocked. They are used in a variety of skincare products (including deodrants so double check the ingredients list on your deo) and have been found in breast cancer tumors. Apparently these are not always labelled and can also be found under the names Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl and Propyl.


Something that I have always had problems with when I've used products with it in is alcohol. It is super drying and strips your skin of it's natural moisture which I've found can cause skin and sometimes eye irritation. Moving away from my personal experiences alcohol in skincare is also said to cause nausea, dizziness, brown spots and premature ageing. 


I've read that this can be found in a whole bunch of healthcare and beauty products (suncream, cosmetics, hairspray, moisturiser) but is classified as a skin irritant and penetrator. Yup, a penetrator. Propylene Glycol is considered to be so toxic that it is only handled through gloves, goggles and protective clothing and has to be disposed of through burying!

For someone that knows next to nothing about ingredients and the science behind skincare like myself, this is a lot of information to take in, learn and it can be quite overwhelming. Of late I always have my little list of 'the bad ones' with me when choosing new skincare items to buy just to double check there are none of these nasties lurking around in any products that have caught my eye. I hope this has been helpful to you guys and it aids you in getting the most out of your skincare.



  1. Scary Stuff! Wish I'd read this before going out to buy new skincare stuff the other day, I'll be checking all my labels to this list for sure! Thanks for the really informative post, most people like me have probably never heard of these things before, well done for raising awareness of them :)

    Una x |

  2. This definitely is super scary, I read a few books a while back about what I should and shouldn't be using and had to bin quite a lot D: xx

  3. Great Post - thanks for sharing, I've been looking for something like this because it's always useful.
    Your blog is beautiful - x

  4. ooh very insightful! thanks for sharing this, as i've wanted to be more clued up on ingredients for a while but didn't know where to start

    from helen at

  5. This is really helpful! I will be looking at the back of my skincare now after reading a few more posts ! xx

  6. I keep a look out for a few of these but it's really an eye opener, they put so much crap in some products and people would never know it's effects! xx

  7. Fab post, thank for sharing! I'm pregnant just now and I'm trying to really watch what I'm using. So many nasties hidden in so many everyday products!

    Margaret's Blanket xx

  8. Thank you for such a helpful post! I know to keep an eye out for mineral oils, but I'd never heard of these! I will definitely be looking out for these nasty in the future!


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  10. This was a really helpful post! I'm always so wearing about the ingredients in my skincare.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds


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