Friday, 31 October 2014

The Magnitone Lucid

magnitone lucid review better skin
magnitone lucid review better skin

This post is very, very overdue; I've been meaning to write it for a while now as this has been an absolute favourite of mine over the past few weeks. The prospect of buying a cleansing brush had been something I'd be umming and ahhing about for a long time, I'd heard so many good things about them from people with similar skin problems as myself but the price tag of the majority of them was just too much of a put off (student life, woo!), so I was super grateful when Magnitone gave me the opportunity to try their Magnitone Lucid cleansing brush. The Magnitone Lucid comes in four gorgeous colours - it was hard to make a decision of which one to buy - and when my adorable aqua green one came through the post I couldn't wait to embark on my cleansing brush journey and put to the test Magnitone's promise of better skin in just 7 days.

In the instruction manual Magnitone inform you that your skin might react to the change in cleansing in the first few days of using the brush and as a precaution, as I have super temperamental skin, for the first week I only used this every other day on the sensitive setting to ease my skin into the new cleansing method. Even on the sensitive setting, I began to notice an immediate change to my complexion after the first few uses. The redness on my cheeks began to calm down instantly and the texture of my skin felt obviously smooth and softer, as if it allowed my moisturiser to work on an even deeper level, it sunk in like a dream.

In the past week and a bit I've been using my Magnitone Lucid everyday alternating between the deep cleanse and sensitive setting, treating myself to an extra deep cleanse whenever I feel like my skin needs a bit more TLC than usual. The results have been undeniable. My blemishes have started to diminish and the redness and dark marks from scarring are slowly starting to fade, something that I'm sure will never be perfect but has made improvements that I honestly convinced myself were never going to happen. The time that I really notice the changes that my Magnitone have made to my skin is in the mornings when I've just woken up and I haven't a scrap of make-up on. I'm used to getting up, going to the mirror and having a grey, dull skinned girl staring back at me, which I'm totally used to, my skin always looks like I've been dead for a few days when I first wake up, it had zero signs of that 'fresh faced glow' that people talk about. To my surprise, I've been welcomed every morning in the mirror by skin that actually has a bit of colour, is soft to the touch and - dare I say it - an actual radiance to it. You can imagine the little bit of joy I get seeing that change in myself, it's really amazing to have found a product that has lived up to the hype and actually exceeded my expectations.

The only place that the Magnitone Lucid did fall a little bit short for me is in the pore department. I read a few reviews where girls said using this shrunk their pores and made them less visible, but this wasn't exactly how it went down for me. My pores are definitely still as visible, but one thing I will say is I have a considerably less blackheads, which for me makes up for the lack of invisible pores as blackheads were once a regular occurrence on my face...I used to have loads of a morning (ew).

As a girl who is quite conscious about her skin, any positive changes to it are welcomed with open arms and over the past few weeks my skin has looked and felt the best it ever has. My skin is slowly but surely clearing up and I'd recommend anyone that is wondering about whether to get a cleansing brush to take the plunge and get one for yourself, from my own experience I can tell that you won't be disappointed.

If you're putting Magnitone's promise for better skin in 7 days use the hashtag #7daychallenge to share your results! 



  1. Iv seen this advertised in boots, iv also seen other cheaper ones and not been sure. Anything that can help my skin is worth a try x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I love the sound of this...glad you're seeing results gorgeous

    X Emma |

  3. I was super surprised by this too, so much so I almost didn't bother trying it. Glad its worked for you too, and I do like that green one!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. glad you're seeing positive results with this!

    from helen at

    ps. win an £85 white and rose gold Fossil watch on my blog if you fancy, click here!

  5. Ive heard alot about the Clarisonic, but its im glad there's one thats more affordable and works well. Thats too bad about the pores though.

  6. I have the Clarisonic and love it! I would love to compare the two products, I am so glad this one sounds like good competition for the Clarisonic.

  7. My mum really wants the No7 cleansing brush for her Christmas and they are sold out, I saw this on the Boots website and wasn't sure whether I should get this for her - I may purchase this one for her.


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