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10 Bad Beauty Habits To Stop Today

10 Bad Beauty Habits To Stop Today
10 Bad Beauty Habits To Stop Today

We all have bad habits. Whether that is leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth or forgetting to put a tin in the recycling, we are all guilty of having bad habits in all aspects of our lives. When it comes to beauty, I try my best to minimize my bad habits as I have blemish prone skin and already dry hair so I find that if I'm careless about my habits it will effect me quite badly, so it can be more beneficial to be precious about beauty habits. Here are ten bad beauty habits that you should stop doing today to keep your hair, skin and body healthy and happy.


I'll be the first to say I'm really bad when it comes to popping spots, I have to force myself not to, it's an awful habit. Not only can popping your spots make them heal slower but picking and popping spots too much can cause scarring. I'm 99.9% certain this is the reason I have acne scarring. 


You've been told this by your mother, your grandmother and every beauty blogger/Youtuber on the scene. Going to bed with your make-up still on is basically as bad as not washing your hands after going to the bathroom (maybe an exaggeration but it's still really bad!!!). Your make-up is getting in your pores, clogging them with dirt and causing spots. That bacteria and grime is then smearing all over your pillow and onto your face again every time you go to bed. If you're too tired for a full cleanse - and trust me we all have those days - it only takes a minute to sweep off your make-up with your micellar water; don't be lazy.


Even though it isn't as obvious as other products such as food, make-up has an expiry date. Before I started blogging I was completely unaware of this, but I've learnt that we should keep an eye on how long certain products have been lingering in our make-up bags as they can build up bacteria and cause havoc on our skin. There are heaps of make-up expiration guides on Pinterest to help you out if you're a bit unsure about how long to keep your cosmetics, my favourite being this one


Another one that is preached consistently among the beauty world, but it's preached for a reason so break this habit! Your brushes harbor grime and if those aren't clean that's what you're putting on your face every time you apply your make-up. If you don't own a make-up brush shampoo, don't worry, I've posted a quick and easy DIY make-up brush cleaner recipe which you can read here


Personally, this isn't a habit I have as I love to sleep. I love my bed, I love getting enough sleep and I hate being tired. Your body and mind will absolutely love you for sleeping the right amount and you will feel and look healthier for it. If I'm run down my skin is dull, eyes are puffy and my brain just doesn't want to work. You should always strive to get your 7/8 hours to start every day refreshed and happy.


Washing your hair every day can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it weak and causing it to over produce oil. My hair gets quite greasy fairly quickly so I wash it every other day (every third day at a push) but I've seen some beauty gurus even recommend to leave it 4 or 5 days. Seems a bit much, I know, but equipped with the right dry shampoo go as long as you can to keep your hair its healthiest. 

A massively common habit which is massively gross. Aside from the fact you're stopping your nails from growing strong, long and beautiful, your nails can also harbor germs which you're putting in your mouth. When you wash your hands, you're likely to miss under your nails unless you go at them properly. So basically, don't put them near your mouth.


My lovely nanny always taught me to use heat defense spray at all times. Even if you're not using hair straighteners or curlers, the heat from your dryer can still cause damage to your precious locks. There are oodles to choose from on the market and the majority are very budget friendly so there is no reason not to use one! 


For those of you that use a flannel for cleansing rather than cotton pads (no wipes I hope!), you should be changing your flannel every day. I use the same one for the morning and night but different sides and never one two days in a row. You wouldn't use the same cotton pad twice and this is much the same.


Hey, we all deserve a sweet snack every once in a while (I'm partial to a sugar waffle from Tesco) but sugar and caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Your body will love you so much for cooling off both of these and will leave your skin cleaner, brighter and your mind happier and healthier.

This little list of small changes you can make to your lifestyle can have subtle but beneficial effects on your mind and body. After a while of practicing good beauty habits in place of your bad ones, you won't look back.



  1. Such a great post with some very helpful tips! I am allergic to caffeine so that's one habit broken, although I do bite my nails (not as bad as I used to mind) and I never throw away old make-up! Woops, maybe I should start!

    The Style Rogue

  2. I'm going to follow these tips! I used to be awful with picking my skin but thankfully stopped. It's made sure a difference! Also I agreee with getting enough sleep and taking makeup off is vital!

  3. I'm terrible for going to bed with my make-up on. It's the one thing I have promised I will stop doing! xxx

  4. This was really interesting to read! I'm mainly guilty of the nail biting (disgusting I know, but I get nervous loads)!! I also love my bed so definitely get at least 8 hours a night! Lovely blog :) xx

  5. I'm guilty of popping my spots, I know it's bad but it's so tempting sometimes! Lovely post :) xx


  6. I use to be a huge picker, recently stopped and my skin has made a tremendous turn around.
    Great tips!

    xo Franchesca| City Mermaid

  7. Great post and tips! I must admit to a bunch of these, especially the sleeping one!

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  9. I'm terrible for washing my hair, I wash it mostly every night cause I can't bare it not being super clean and bouncy in the morning.. sounds bad but I wish I could leave it. I use a make up wipe then cotton pads, why are make up wipes bad? x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog x

  10. Great post! I'm definitely guilty of quite a few of these, I need to break these habits - I think I see a few New Years Resolutions coming up! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  11. I am 100% guilty of at least two of these crimes! I am forever forgetting to clean my brushes! So bad! and I didn't know about the 'clean flannel a day rule'.. .

    LeviJade xx

  12. Great post, and I'm guilty of a couple of these...! Not throwing out old make up and not cleaning brushes...and maybe the occasional spot and lack of heat defence spray. Your post has reminded me to do better. Thank you! xx
    Tash | Dance Flow Lift


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