Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Accessories Wishlist

Accessories Wishlist Autumn Winter

Colder months means scarves, cosy hats and gorgeous boots start making a reappearance, and this year more than ever I'm so in love with so many accessories on the market at the moment. This year for me it's all about statement earrings and faux fur and lucky for me there are some absolute stunning pieces out and about. 

I new found love of mine is eBay, I recently made my first ever purchase from there! Has anyone else used eBay? What do you think about it? The stunning black faux fur headband on this wishlist is from there and for an amazing price. I'm still getting used to eBay and working out how to find gems on there, but I've found so far if you know what you're looking for, it's easy to find a bargain.

The item that shines in this wishlist and is most definitely at the top are these amazing Zara knee high boots. I've had my beady eyes on them for a while now, they look like they'd go gorgeously with a-line skirts and would last me a fair while. They aren't too expensive too considering they're from Zara!

What do you think of these accessory picks? I'd love to know what ones you have been loving this AW too.



  1. what a great wishlist! especially loving the floppy hat and those boots! xo


  2. I love using ebay, it's a great place for finding good deals and bargains! I am really thinking to buy faux fur accesory for this season (ckutch bag is so cute!)


  3. love this wish list!


  4. Faux fur anything and long boots are PERFFFF xxx


  5. Love the studded heels so much! Josie xxx


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