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Benefit Perk Up Artist

Benefit Perk Up Artist Review
Benefit Perk Up Artist Review
Benefit Perk Up Artist Review

We all strive for perfect skin, there's no denying it. If they could invent a surgery or a drug that would make my skin look permanently airbrushed I would have it, whatever the cost, that would be a dream come true. When it comes to my not fantasy make-up, I'm always searching for pieces that will enhance and improve my complexion so I jumped on the chance to try Benefit's Perk Up Artist after I was kindly offered the opportunity by Cohorted. If you haven't heard of Cohorted then where have you been? I've raved about them before in my review of Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner and since then I've bought even more beauty goodies for a bargain price. The idea behind Cohorted is that beauty products are put up for sale on their website at the start of every week and the more people that opt in to buy the product, the more of a discount that is taken off the original price of the product. The gorgeous team from Cohorted treated me to this Benefit goodie and I was both thrilled and excited to try it and after using it I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on it with you all.

The Perk Up Artist offers three complexion correctors in one product that correct, cover and brighten. All of the corrects are a gorgeous, lightweight creamy texture which I absolutely love as they don't feel too heavy on your skin and they blend a lot easier which means a lot less having to worry about them clinging to my fine lines. All three are cleverly tailored to be correctors for certain types of imperfections and I use the correct to neutralize redness, cover to conceal blemishes and brighten to subtly highlight and lighten areas of my skin. In the past I've always just had one concealer for all three of these enhancements, but after using all three I definitely see the difference and significance of each individual corrector. 

The main areas that I usually use concealer on is under my eyes, redness on my cheeks, any blemishes and on my nose to cover pores. I find the under my eyes the best one to use is cover, and it's honestly a lovely one for under the eye concealing. The creamy formula goes on as light as a feather and covers my dark bags and under eye veins (does anyone else get these or am I just a freak of nature?) perfectly. I wouldn't say it's as heavy duty as some other concealers but in a way it's a better thing as you barely feel or look like you're wearing make-up; no tell tale concealer clinging to those fine lines. If my eyes need a little bit of an extra perk up I'll also brush a bit of the brighten corrector under my eyes too, but I also love using brighten on the bridge of my nose and on my brow bone just for a subtle aid to highlight my face. Correct is one that has actually amazed me. I'm finding it hard to comprehend how something so sheer and light can really make a difference to the redness on my cheeks. I'm used to just having to smother concealer over my reddness to camouflage it, but this actually seems to neutralize it. I don't know how it works, it's basically a scientific, cosmetic miracle. For me, although I absolutely love all three, the most important of them all is definitely cover as I'm prone to blemishes. My favourite aspect of the cover corrector is that it is so lightweight. When you have a blemish you don't want to be clogging it up with make-up and with this I feel like I'm able to conceal my spot while still giving it some breathing space; it feels barely there. I'm a long term lover of powder foundation so I always follow this corrector with my powder foundation which helps it stay and if you aren't a powder girl when it comes to foundation definitely invest in a setting powder as it helps keep creamy products such as this in place.

All three of these gorgeous complexion correctors have really impressed me, I'd especially recommend them if you've always wanted the weightless feel on your skin of BB cream but with the properties of medium coverage correctors. Also, don't forget to check out Cohorted if you're searching for some beauty bargains!



  1. I love the name of this product! SO cute!
    Need to write this on my wish list!




  2. Benefit is the best isnt it? I really want to try this! I especially like the brush, as I prefer using brushes to those two sided sponge applicators!

  3. This sounds great especially as you stated when you have pores and blemishes you definitely don't want to clog them, I love cohorted and benefit too so need to give this a whirl xx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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