Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bright, Bare Eyes

Bright eye makeup look youwishyou

Among the smokey, dark shadowy eyes of autumn and winter it can be easy to forget about bright, beautiful bare eyes and lately I've been so wrapped up in heavy eye make-up looks I've not gone back to basics and donned a classic barely there eye make-up look for a while, until now. Eye make-up looks like this take me back to fashion week where radiant, naked looking eyes were a staple and are a refreshing change to the greys and blacks that I've been using so much of on my eyes recently. Where usually the blacker the better in AW eye make-up looks, this one showcases the rule the brighter the better.

The products I used to create this look are:


One of the perks of creating a barely there eye make-up look is that it takes next to no time or effort to create. I started by shading my whole eyelid in with a shimmery nude from my 100 Piece ELF Palette and then blending with the tiniest amount of Bare Minerals  Rock Crystal which is a yellowy/white to brighten the nude further. I then took an angled brush and apply some Bare Minerals Gilded Quartz which is a subtle, shimmery light grey in the corner of my eyes and with the same brush then apply some white eye shadow lightly to my bottom lash line to open my eyes and make them look even brighter. To give this eye make-up the maximum amount of gleam and radiance without looking like I'm piling on the eye shadow, I take a tiny amount of Topshop's Glow and smear it until it's sheer on the center of my lid and in the corner of my eyes to just give a little bit of extra shine to this make-up look. 

I then complete this look with Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara which gives a beautifully natural finish that compliments this barely there look perfectly. In suit of AW14 I then create thick, dark brows with my ELF eyebrow kit, which I wouldn't normally have (a little bit too dark for me on an every day basis!) with dark eyes, but with bright, bare eyes I think they are a perfect combination; very Cara Delevingne. 

For me this is the perfectly chic eye make-up look to flaunt features such as bold brows and lips during the colder months and is also a gorgeous look for the times when you haven't got long to spend on your make-up that will still give you stunning eyes.



  1. Very cute look and gorgeous colours, I love any addition of shimmer it really brightens the eyes xxx


  2. Amazing colour. I need to look into buying this for myself. I love colours like this.


  3. Love it! You're right - with the winter it just seems people are starting to go heavier on the makeup, but sometimes it's nice to just take a step back! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

  4. the colour looks beautiful on you! great job!

  5. LOVE these colours!!! xxx

  6. This is a great look, looks natural but glowy at the same time - effortless! I use the elf eyebrow kit too its so good!! xo


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