Saturday, 22 November 2014

Favourite Four: Things About Autumn

favourite things about autumn

Every morning this week leaving the flat, my ears have felt chilly, my hands cold and I've even been able to see my breath some days; all the signals are telling me that it's well and truly autumn. Other aspects of my life also have become more autumn oriented as I'm wearing boots a lot more, my coats are all being dug out and I'm eating a lot more soup, but of all those things there are four that I'm most excited about.


Seeing crunchy, orange leaves takes me back to my childhood when I'd help my dad rake all the fallen leaves in our garden into a big pile. There's something super nostalgic and happy in orange autumn leaves and who can deny the feeling of satisfaction you get when you tread on them and you can hear them crunching.


We bought a huge pot of Cadbury's hot chocolate with our food shopping a week or so back and I've so excited every time I'm able to treat myself to one. I definitely need to buy some marshmallows and maybe even some whipped cream if I'm feeling cheeky so I can create an ultimate hot chocolate on a regular basis.


Slippers, dressing gowns and my onesie have all made a regular appearance around the flat recently. I have an amazingly comfortable onesie from Bedroom Athletics* who also sell the adorable, baby pink, fluffy onesie pictured above. I'm head of over heels with the one I've already got and I can definitely see my collection of Bedroom Athletics loungewear growing as they do such cute, cosy stuff.


Does anyone else find that when it hits autumn they have the urge to buy loads of dark lipsticks? I love autumn make-up and my favourite aspect is hands down statements lips. I've about 10 lipsticks currently on my Christmas list and I might have to treat myself to a new one before then, just to tide me over.

What are your favourite things about autumn? I'd love to know!



  1. Such a lovely post! I definitely have this lipstick problem too! Forever buying too many dark shades, just wish I could perfect the look so I can pull them all off! haha. I absolutely love wearing the softest slipper socks I can find at this time of year! Nothing beats feeling cosy when it's cold outside! x

  2. I read on Pinterest that you get those heart shapes in hot chocolate by freezing whipped cream and using a cookie cutter, it's so cute I'm definitely going to try it. Totally agree with this list!
    Cx / Bloglovin

    1. That's something new! will try this soon! thanks for the tip

  3. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons for all the reasons above! I love treating myself to a hot chocolate with whipped cream! But I don't keep any of it in the house as I would binge on it hahha. Statement lips are also my favourite, they may everyday looks that little more fun! I also love Christmas shopping and wrapping presents x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

  4. I love all these things too! And loving your blog:) x

  5. I love colourful leaves too, they make everything so much prettier when you're out and about :) and hot chocolate in the winter is the best part of the year in my opinion, just wish I knew how to make a caramel hot chocolate like they have in starbucks and other coffee places! :D Great post! x

  6. Lovely post! I'm usually dreading the colder months, but this year I've made an effort to embrace it and enjoy the beauty of autumn!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  7. Hi Catherine, how are you? I love Autumn so frickin much, if I could I would drop summer and winter and make it spring and autumn all year round. I tried a chocolate orange hot chocolate last week, so good! xxx

  8. Such a lovely post! I agree that hot chocolate is a fav of mine and I need to get myself a onesie! I still haven't bought myself one but checking out the link you posted now! Thanks!
    Oh and how can statement lips NOT be a fav of this season?! :D

    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    also on BLOGLOVIN

  9. Hot Chocolate! The only two times a year where I can drink hot chocolate without getting a heatstroke. Thanks for sending me your link through the #bbloggers chat on Sunday!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  10. I definitely do a lot darker statement lips and I love it, and also hot chocolate, although can't beat a nice coffee! xxx


  11. I am loving hot chocolate and statement lips! Those are the best things for autumn and winter. And I can say the here is winter (after first snow and not getting any warmer than 5°C).



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