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Guide To Healthy Hair

guide to healthy hair how to get healthier hair shine

My hair has been through a lot. I'm not being over dramatic; it's been bleached, straightened, curled, crimped countless times but over the past two years it's slowly but surely repaired and is no way near as dry and damaged as it used to be. Here are some of the lifestyle changes I've made and stuck with to ensure my hair becomes happy and healthy again. 


It'll say this on every haircare advice article, blog post, website you will ever read. I mean it. It's probably the most important way to achieve healthy hair as heat styling can expose your hair to hundreds of degrees of heat at a time. In an ideal world we would all wake up with perfectly styled hair, but this isn't the reality of things (I wish). Eradicating heat styling tools can be difficult but there are things you can do to help you use them less. Search on Youtube and/or Pinterest how to blow dry your hair straight and how to create curls without heat and learn the tricks yourself. Being able to do these things in the blow drying step of your hair routine (on a cold heat mind and with heat protect spray applied) means you won't need the aid of very hot tools afterwards to create your desired look; or at least you'll only need a tiny bit to tidy up. 


This was a point on my '10 Bad Beauty Habits To Stop Today' post, as washing your hair every day is really something that none of us should be doing! While washing your hair is obviously good as it rids it of grease and oil, washing too often can strip your hair of oils too much and cause it to overproduce its natural oils. This can leave you with greasy hair and an unhealthy scalp, so it's always good to leave out a wash. Some say it's fine to wash every two or three days, while other people advise to only wash twice a week which I know sounds extreme but it really works for some people. If you want to try to extend your time between washes you'll need the patience to leave your hair one extra day but it will get used to the change and produce less oils over time. 


I've tested and tried both semi-permanent hair extensions and removable extensions myself, and while semi-permanent ones are less hassle, they put a lot more strain on your hair. Even after using micro look extensions that apparently are the 'best' for your hair, I felt like my hair was weaker and in bad condition. Removable extensions provide the best of both worlds in my opinion as you can get luscious, voluminous, long locks without causing any damage to your hair. 


Your hair is at its most fragile when wet, so treat it with tender love and care to avoid breakages. It's recommended to use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair as that will be the most gentle to it and reduce the amount of strain and in turn breakages on your hair. When I blow dry my hair I half dry it (I'd say around 70%) of it before I start using my round brush so I'm not pulling at my hair when it's wet and its most fragile. 


Masks, oils, leave in conditioners, there are so many amazing products on the market that you can use to nourish and treat your hair. I'm a little bit obsessed with natural oils on my hair, my absolute favourite is castor oil which can be used by itself, in combination with conditioner or other household items (olive oil, coconut oil) to nourish damaged hair and promote hair growth. If DIY hair treatments aren't for you, a deep treatment that I adore and has helped my hair so much after years of bleach, heat and dye is Ojon's Damage Reverse Hair Treatment which I've reviewed in full here

These may sounds like simple steps but I've found incorporating them all into my life has helped my hair masses and transformed it from dry and damaged to healthy, growing and shiny; I hope they can do the same for you to! 



  1. Only washing my hair twice a week has been the most helpful with my hair! Believe it or not, it never gets greasy now and looks clean all the time! Great tips!

  2. I love this guide! So handy, will have to keep these tips in mind! I'm always guilty of attacking my hair when its wet!




  3. I stopped straightening my hair a few months back and instead just blow-dry it straight and it's gotten so much shinier and less frizzy since! But I am still guilty of washing my hair everyday, I find that when I don't it's just so flat, I'm addicted to the bounce that my blow-dry gives me on a morning! I do need to stop it though and go to every other day max!

    Love Amylou x

  4. This is really helpful! I try and leave as long as possible between washes but I do need to stop straightening my hair so much xx


  5. Thanks for these tips! I've found that if the ends of your hair get really dry you can even use a normal moisturiser overnight and in the morning it will have soaked into the hair cuticles leaving them much more supple and strong :)!


  6. The main thing for me is when the condition is bad it's really hard to avoid heat to make it look better, so I need to find other ways of natural styling xxx


  7. After years and years of straightening the entire length of my hair on a daily basis and cribbing about the damage, I have now resorted to wearing it natural and am so happy with it!
    Thanks for the amazing tips. This was such a fun post to read. :)

    Girl in a Whimsical Land

  8. Fab post, I definitely agree with washing your hair less as I have noticed a difference now I only wash mine 2-3 times a week :) xxx

  9. great post! i used to wash mine every day when it was short but now i wash it maybe 3 times a week! i'm terrible for using heat on it though eep

    from helen at

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  10. Ooh I might have to start using leave in conditioners more often :)

  11. Great post! I'm addicted to coconut oil as an overnight treatment and definitely don't wash mine every day! The colour would be gone in a week,dry shampoo is my best friend xx


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