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Makeup Revolution Rebel With Cause

Makeup Revolution Rebel With Cause Lipstick Review
Makeup Revolution Rebel With Cause Lipstick Review swatch swatches sample

A while back I mentioned in a review post that I'd purchased Makeup Revolution's Full Vamp Collection which consists of three lipsticks: Rebel With Cause, Black Heart and 100% Vamp. In my review of 100% Vamp (read it here) although I adored the colour, I did give it some bad press as I was quite disappointed about some aspects of the lippy. However, it gives me great pleasure to announce that this won't be another bad review, as Rebel With Cause hasn't fallen down in the ways that I felt 100% Vamp had, despite being from the same collection.

Like 100% Vamp, I instantly fell in love with the shade of Rebel With Cause. It's a gorgeous dark pink which could carry you from day to night and is perfect for a slight girly and flirty look without being too cutesy. In the shade Makeup Revolution have got the balance between girly and sophisticated down to a tee. At this time of year like a lot of us my lips get quite dry and in turn cracked so a lipstick with a moisturising texture is an essential for me. On application, the texture of Rebel With Cause is an absolute dream. It's creamy, smooth and glides on easily, my lips don't instantly feel dry but instead they look and feel soft and healthy. 

The real problem I had with 100% Vamp was that its longwear was basically non-existent. As I said in my review of it, I'd applied it before leaving for uni and by the end of the hour and a half drive it had faded to almost nothing except a ugly purple outline around the edge of my lips. I'm super glad to say that Rebel With Cause caused me not nearly as much stress in that department. While of course I had to reapply after eating and I touch it up every few hours, I didn't have to constantly check and reapply this lipstick like I did 100% Vamp. In all honesty, I don't expect amazing quality from a £1 lipstick, but Rebel With Cause at least stayed on my lips long enough for me to go whole lectures without worrying, which was definitely a nice surprise considering the issues I'd had with 100% Vamp. 

I'm really happy that I wasn't disappointed again by this gorgeous Makeup Revolution lipstick, I now definitely feel more optimistic about trying more of their products.

What Makeup Revolution product would you recommend me?



  1. That's such a pretty shade that I've heard tons of bloggers raving about! I'm really happy that it wore better than the other shade, and I might try to pick this up!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  2. I love this lipstick! I don't think I'll be trying 100% Vamp now though, thankss x

    TR's Thoughts

  3. It's nice to see that this one is good it has a gorgeous color. I have Black Heart and I don't like the formula much :/ Maybe it's the color itself like your 100% Vamp. :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  4. I've seen this mentioned as a dupe to the same colour in a MAC lipstick which I wanted. Certainly worth trying this one first I reckon!

    Amy at Amy & More

  5. Really want to give this a try - was just browsing the Revolution section in Superdrug today!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  6. Such a gorgeous colour! I love a good bargain that actually works :) xx

  7. I think the products must react differently to different people/skin as their lipsticks last ages on me even quite a deep stain maybe my lips are too dry hahaha, I love this colour xxx


  8. such a beautiful colour! love makeup revolution!

  9. Wow this is a beautiful colour!
    Makeup revolution seems a great brand :)

  10. Love the shade will have to pick this up, looks fantastic.

    Little Blonde Life | Lifestyle Blog

  11. I'll definitely check out their lipsticks now!

    Skin & Roses


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