Monday, 3 November 2014

October Favourites

October beauty skincare favourites 2014

Can you believe how quickly this year is going?! November is so close to 2015 and I'm actually hoping that 2015 goes slower than 2014 did, I feel like my life is flashing away before my eyes. This is the first monthly favourites post I've done in such a long time, but I've decided to start doing these kinds of posts or regularly now as I really enjoy reading them myself. Choosing my favourite beauty picks for October wasn't difficult, I've had a select few items this month that I've been absolutely loving and I've been reaching for again and again.


Dark eyes have been an absolute must for me recently and my Super Eyeliner is my partner in crime for creating the perfect AW eyes. I recently did a full review of this liner which you can read here for a more in depth look at this little beauty. All in all, this is fabulous for anything from simple but chic liner to dramatic cat eyes. 


My absolute favourite of all the natural oils as it helps keeps painful, pesky spots at bay. If I have any stubborn spots or an under the skin spot arriving I will sweep a cotton pad of teatree oil over my skin at night and in the morning the blemishes will be considerably less angry. It's super effective, cheap as chips and an all natural product so for me this can do no wrong.


I've been absolutely obsessed with this over the last few weeks I can picture it being a long term love of mine! A highlight of my day is applying this and crawling into bed with James with amazingly soft skin, I just love how pampered I feel after using it. The night cream claims to also reduce fine lines and wrinkles which luckily I don't have a lot of yet, but the bags under my eyes (which unluckily I do suffer from quite badly) are appearing lighter. My complexion as a whole has been more radiant of a morning which I personally put it down to starting to use this beauty and my Magnitone Lucid at night. 


This is the ultimate transitional lipstick. The colour isn't overly pink that you look like you're stuck in the summer, it's dark enough to be AW appropriate, but still a light enough shade to be gorgeously girly and glamorous. I did a full review of this a while back which you can read here which includes swatches, this definitely is one to snatch up while it's still during the transition fashion and beauty period. 

That was a very short but sweet monthly favourites for October, but these have been my go-to items recently and I'd love to see what yours are too so please leave them in a comment below!



  1. I love your October favourites. It was a fast month! I really want to try out the Supercat eyeliner x x

  2. I have fallen in love with the Supercat liner! It is so easy to use and gives great colour :) Love your post!

  3. Great favorites! I want to try the plum lipstick, its a very pretty color!


  4. I've wanted to try the Supercat liner for a while but i've just got a sample-sized Benefit one so i'll wait a while. Will check out the lipstick though, the colour is different to anything i've seen on blogs before. It reminds me of fuschia but not quite!

    Amy at Amy & More

  5. Haven't tried Soap and Glory makeup yet, but their hand food is amazing! I love the eyeko felt liner, though! Ooh, what a gorgeous shade of lipstick!
    Hope you have a great day! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  6. Supercat eyeliner is one of my favs and you can't beat tea tree oil! this year has definitely gone fast, my 21st birthday has just gone so I want the world to STOP now xxx


  7. I never tried using tea tree oil on my acne, might give it a try now!

  8. Tea tree has always been the one thing I rely on to help those pesky spots but I never thought of purchasing pure oil. Such a cheap and natural alternative! The Supercat eyeliner is something I've been wanting to try for ages too!

    Thank you for leaving me your blog link to check out on Twitter, you've gained a new follower :) love your blog and your photography! x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve


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