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Reaching Your Potential In School

How to do your best in school advice tips how to reach your potential in school university

Over the weekend during a reflective afternoon, it came to light that I've been in education for the majority of my life and I don't have much longer until my time within the education system will be up. Although it is undeniably exciting, it's going to be such a strange, somewhat sad experience, especially considering how much I'm enjoying university at the moment. With this realization I wanted to consciously ensure that I make the last few years I have in education count and work my hardest to reach my full potential. I thought I'd make a blog post sharing my thoughts on the subject as school and university (although it sometimes doesn't feel like it) are really important, not only that but we should always want to push ourselves to achieve the best we can in all aspects of our lives, so I hope this advice is something that you can carry with you not only through school, but to environment you come across where you have the opportunity to learn.


Staying on top of deadlines means not only are you of course getting all your work done when it needs to be (you don't want to lose marks for handing things in late), but it also entails better quality of work as there's no rushed, half arsed business. Staying organised allows you to manage your workload a lot better and from experience keeping on top of my deadlines can be fairy easy as long as you stay in that organized mindset. This is a good excuse to buy pretty notebooks/diaries. 


The bottom line is when it comes to school or uni work, you can't do well unless you know exactly what is being asked of you. Simple logic, right? Although your teachers may explain it to you the best they can, make an effort to research exactly what the marking criteria is for your exam or coursework so you can prepare what is needed of you thoroughly, making sure you pick up as many points as you can. If you're unsure on anything to marking criteria says, double check on past papers which you can find online or ask your teacher for.


One of the biggest issues I found I had in school (particularly secondary school) was that the methods of revision that my teachers taught didn't necessarily help me. I think it's quite easy to be disheartened by this and to accept that you just don't understand the subject, but it can just be down to the fact you don't learn via that learning style. Some people work better through writing, some through sound whilst some work well in a group and some work well alone; everyone is different. It can take trial and error, but do go to the trouble to test them all out until you find which you find helps you learn the best.


I have a million questions about a million things all the time and there's nothing wrong with that. Make the most out of your teachers and use them to fill the gaps in your knowledge, it's what they are there for. Something that has really helped me in the past few years is understanding that no question is silly and not worth asking. If you want to know something then it's worth asking about, but if you don't want to say something in front of your whole class (understandable) then make sure you catch your teacher at another, more private time such as before/after class, at their office or over email.


When I have a routine to stick to, I feel ten times better about my life, including managing my uni work. A routine doesn't have to be military style strict but simply a bit of structure to guide you through every day so you can give a suitable amount of attention to any tasks you have to do. For example, at the moment I have a routine of taking all my blogging photos in the morning (impossible past 4pm at the moment!), doing all my school work and housework during the day and then relaxing and writing my blog of an evening. Your routine doesn't have to be the same as mine, just make sure you're doing your school work at a time that you know you'll be able to do it to the best of your ability and stick to it.

I'm by no means the most studious person in the world, I've never been a straight A student but I hope abiding by these factors will help me make the most out of my time at uni and reach my full potential, and I hope they can do the same for you too.



  1. I agree with all of these! I definitely think that doing your work at the soonest possible opportunity can increase the quality of your work - because you don't have to rush it.
    Eden x // edenroses // enter my giveaway!

  2. Good tips, i'm coming to the end of my education too, it's emotional!!

    Sophie x

  3. yet another amazing tip! agreed on all your point oh btw Check out my blog i have a fab giveaway up!

  4. Couldn't agree more with this. I graduated this year and the change over has been pretty hard, but as difficult as I had expected. I have since enrolled onto another course for an extra diploma (similar to NCTJs, fellow journo!) but after that I'll expect that'll be it forever!

    With this in mind, I reckon you'll enjoy this post: 13 University Complaints That Seem Ridiculous As A Graduate And Spot On If You're Not

  5. I wish I'd taken some of these tips when I was back in school! I think I'd say make sure you realise that this really is the pathway to your future, I wish I'd realised that and acted more accordingly.

    Sammy xo.


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