Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ribbon Red Nails

OPI autumn nails winter
OPI autumn nails winter

Is anyone else starting to feel very Christmassy? Since Halloween ended the world seems to have instantly focused on Christmas. The Christmas adverts have started broadcasting, the magazines are launching their Christmas features and my local Tesco Express has started selling tinsel; Christmas is definitely coming there's no way of forgetting that (not that I ever could anyways). This exciting sense of the impending holiday definitely made an impact on me during my visit to the nail shop last week. It's a bit too early for full on glitter which I'm saving for Christmas day and super excited about may I add, but I couldn't stop myself going for a shade of festive red. 

This stunning dark red shade by OPI (sorry, I can't remember what it was called) is the perfect colour for this time of year as it's both a AW staple but also has subtle connotations towards Christmas. Anything red is basically Christmassy in my eyes, but this gorgeous deep red creates a more sophisticated take on festive cheer. I'm absolutely loving pointed nails at the moment too; they're more natural than squared ones but also edgier which for me goes hand in hand with dark shades. 

What colours are your nails in the countdown to Christmas?



  1. that's so pretty! I definitely love reds like this one for the fall and winter!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  2. I love that colour and also love the shape, I'd have really nice shaped nails if it wasn't for working on a computer all day as they are so fragile now they just break off almost immediately.. And yesss my tesco express are also selling tinsel I really want to buy the teal one, I've NEVER seen that colour before for tinsel, I'm in love!

  3. They look fabulous, I love deep burgundy nails in the Winter x

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  4. Love these! Just found your blog through the fblchat. It's fab!!
    Glossy Boutique

  5. I think I start feeling christmasy around june time. Ha! I may like christmas a little too much. Adore the colour of your nails, sooo loving red right now for nails. x

  6. that shade is SO beautiful! adore your nails

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  7. What a great color for fall! I did the pointy nail thing for awhile but kept scratching myself and my loved ones so I gave them up for rounded nails haha! Yours look gorgeous though. Thank you for leaving me your blog link on twitter. I have enjoyed reading through your posts!


  8. such a pretty colour! i love it


  9. Love this colour!


  10. Love your nails!! I have a similar one from Essie, which I'm wearing every freakin' day!!
    Sara xx


  11. Your nail shape is stunning!!

    Alice x

  12. I am so christmas crazy now that halloween is out of the way! LOVING these nails. Wow.
    I feel like a red colour is always festive, but this deeper red has more of a mature vibe. IN. LOVE.
    Also wish I could grow my nails out like that or get away with shaping them like that.
    You're rocking it!

    Sabrina xox


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