Friday, 12 December 2014

Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream

Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream Review
Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream Review
Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream*
(Yes, I 
accidentally melted the tube with my straighteners)

Eye creams and serums are something that I'm a little bit behind the times on. I didn't start even considering using eye creams until about six months ago so you could definitely say I'm a late bloomer in the eye cream department. Whilst my experience with eye creams is minimal, it has been pleasant; I was lucky enough to get on really well with the first eye cream I had the pleasure of trying which was the Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream*. I know, snake venom sounds a bit scary. I've always cringed reading about bee and snake venom products in the past, I never really understood (or cared to learn to understand) why and how they could be beneficial to your skin, but after getting my hands on this eye cream I was eager to give it a go and find out for myself if these 'venom' products were as freaky as they sound. To my surprise (good surprise, don't worry), the Snake Venom cream wasn't weird or scary in any way shape of form. I did get a bit worried that my sensitive eyes would end up stinging or irritated, but on the contrary my eyes have felt soothed and refreshed since using this cream. On the tube the cream promises to relax tired eyes, moisturise and illuminate, minimize under eye dark circles and bags and despite these pretty big claims, I think this cream has done itself proud on the majority of these promises. Although I wouldn't say that any of these changes happened overnight, I've definitely seen the slight changes occur over the space of a good few months. 

I've always quite defined bags under my eyes, at least I feel that they were. They've never been really puffy but my under my eyes have always been dull and grey and a distinctive deep line has been something I've never been able to get to fade, no matter how many hours sleep I've got. However, since using this eye cream religiously every day the skin under and around my eyes has become so much less dull and is now rather vibrant. I wouldn't go as far to say they were illuminated, I still depend on concealer to give me that wide awake look, but I have been really impressed with the boost in colour that this cream seems to have given me which overall makes my eyes appear more youthful, relaxed and rejuvenated. Along with the improvement to the complexion and colour of my bags, the deep creases that line my under eyes haven't been completely ironed out - let's remember they didn't promise miracles - but they have become considerably less deep and obvious. I no longer feel as self conscious about them when I don't have any make-up on which to me is a really nice feeling; any product that boosts self esteem is a fabulous one to me. 

In terms of moisturising, I can definitely say this didn't dehydrate my eyes and kept them soft and plump, but it doesn't particularly hydrate them heavily. At points where I've got dry corners of the eyes, I've not felt like this has treated it as much as my usual moisturiser. Saying that, this eye cream has done everything that I could ask it to do, dryness isn't particularly a major worry for me most of the time.

Overall I've been really impressed with my first experience with an eye cream. Balance's Snake Venom Eye Cream has really put eye creams on the map for me and I'm eager to explore them more in the future!



  1. Snake venom DOES sound scary!! Happy to hear it worked out though. I'm in the same boat - I've only started using an eye serum recently but I need one with a lot of moisture!
    Brianna ||

  2. Snake word itself cause a shiver all over my body, but nature is a boss, maybe this product worth a try!

    Oly // Tlv Birdie Blog


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