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Blogging 101: Coming Up With Content

Blogging 101: Coming Up With Content
Blogging 101: Coming Up With Content

It can be a challenge to stay constantly inspired to come up with new content for your blog, especially when you have other aspects of your life that you need to focus on as well. 


I personally have a massive passion for writing, so reading a well written and engaging article, feature or blog post inspires me to write and therefore create content for my blog. You might find watching catwalk shows ignites your love for fashion or drawing gets you feeling creative and motivated. Sometimes its not about getting yourself motivated to create amazing content, but getting motivated in general to succeed at everything you do  that is the mindset you need to create creative and inspiring content. If you are feeling inspired, it will reflect in your blog.


Engaging in Pinterest and Bloglovin' can really help keep the creativity flowing; Pinterest has such a variety of gorgeous images and tips on it I don't log off Pinterest without feeling inspired! Let me just start by saying that in no say shape or form should you ever copy content from another person's blog or steal ideas from posts off Pinterest. I understand some style of posts are general like 'What's In My Bag?', but if you read a great post that you know isn't general do not just copy the idea into your own post. When I say scout Pinterest and your favourite blogs to come up with content, it can help you in so many ways, not just copying.  Allow browsing them both to help your creative thought process when coming up with content. For example, if you see a pretty picture of a lip scrub you like how about writing a post on your top five lip scrubs? Don't just admire the pictures and blogs aimlessly but use them to help you think of creative content. But I can't express enough, don't just copy. It doesn't matter how many followers they have or how good the post is, don't do it. I don't even get why you'd want to do it, it makes your blog a fraud, and where is the satisfaction in that, eh?


If I'm feeling a little bit empty motivation wise when it comes with coming up with content, I just have a think about what I personally like to see when I'm reading blogs or magazines. This might sound like a bit of a selfish way of looking at it, and although I love to write content that my readers love, but I find that tailoring my content into something that I would want to read myself can produce some really nice content that others also are interested in reading. 


Inspiration is all around us. The majority of my posts are inspired by my thoughts and experiences that I'm having at a specific time. My 'Feeling Confident Despite Bad Skin' was written after a week of feeling particularly crap about my skin, 'Favourite Four: Things About Autumn' was written after it dawned on me that autumn was in full swing and I was enjoying it. Your thoughts and experiences can be made relevant to your readers, you just need to be creative and create an angle on a post that you think will engage and entertain people. 


This isn't only great for staying on top of your posts but it also allows you to keep an eye on the originality of your posts. I personally don't like writing review after review after review- I'm not saying that's not the way to blog; some blogs do and it works perfectly on their blogs but it's just personal preference. I like Youwishyou to have a variety of reviews, advice, fashion, ect posts and having an editorial calender makes it clear to me when I need to inject a bit of creativity into my content during the planning process. If I can see that I've got four review posts in one week, I know to maybe only have one the following week. This makes it easy for my content to stay varied and hopefully engaging for my readers.

What do you do to keep your content engaging, original and creative? 



  1. I keep reading lots of posts like these in the hope I can make some positive blogging changes for myself next year - thank you for sharing your tips!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  2. I love getting decorating ideas from Pinterest! Definitely a great site to just let your creativity flow! Another thing I use to keep my content creative is to do holiday posts when there is something coming up and make it a DIY under $30 kinda deal like I'm doing that on my Blog right now, gets expensive beings a blogger so it's always nice to create content using stuff I already have at home!

  3. Fab post, really in depth and well-thought out! I definitely agree with you about Pinterest - super inspiring!
    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  4. I feel like I have step by step on how to create new content for my blog inspired on my daily basis. This post is really helpful and I'll save it for those times I need a click in my "blogger button"! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

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  6. Great post and definitely helpful! xx

  7. Pinterest is the best inspiration and motivation going!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  8. great tips, will definitely help me as I'm kind of new to blogging! thank you :)

  9. Coming up with content is sometimes so easy and sometimes impossible! Pinterest and Bloglovin are always my go-tos for inspiration, but sometimes other bloggers' posts can trigger a train of thought too.
    Lovely post to read!
    lily x

  10. Really useful tips, I especially agree with the pinterest/bloglovin one, they can spark all sorts of ideas! Have a good day :)
    Hannah x

  11. Great post with some really useful tips!


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